When Art and Music Collide

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While Brandon George was performing flute euphony to observe a caller grounds astatine the Met, helium couldn’t assistance but announcement the exhibit’s curator, Adam Eaker.

Adam Eaker, left, and Brandon George.
Credit...Mat & Ash Photography

Nov. 5, 2021, 5:00 a.m. ET

Adam Samuel Eaker was looking guardant to an evening of euphony the nighttime helium met Brandon Patrick George successful March 2019. Falling for the musician, though, was not meant to beryllium portion of the program.

Dr. Eaker, an subordinate curator of European paintings astatine the Metropolitan Museum of Art successful New York, had antecedently spent much than a twelvemonth putting unneurotic the accumulation “In Praise of Painting: Dutch Masterpieces astatine the Met,” his archetypal astatine the museum, which opened successful October 2018.

For the MetLiveArts bid successful 2019, the depository had hired Mr. George, a flutist and subordinate of Imani Winds, a classical upwind quintet based successful New York, to play baroque euphony inspired by the exhibit.

When Mr. George, who is besides a module subordinate astatine the Curtis Institute of Music successful Philadelphia, arrived astatine the event, helium instantly noticed Dr. Eaker and told his accompanist that helium thought Dr. Eaker was cute.

“I truly wanted to get to cognize him,” Mr. George, 35, said.

Dr. Eaker introduced Mr. George to the attendees and, aft an astir 30-minute concert, Mr. George took a interruption to let a caller assemblage to rhythm done the exhibition. The 2 men started chatting and rapidly bonded implicit their emotion of the arts. Mr. George asked Dr. Eaker if helium would person meal immoderate time, but Dr. Eaker didn’t recognize helium meant arsenic much than conscionable caller friends.

“I deliberation it had been a agelong workweek, and it conscionable didn’t registry to maine that Brandon was asking maine connected a date,” Dr. Eaker, 36, said. But erstwhile the men matched connected the dating app OkCupid astir 2 weeks aft their archetypal meeting, it was wide each had interests beyond friendship.

They met for Malaysian nutrient successful Manhattan, and talked astir opera and their respective jobs. A fewer days later, Mr. George played astatine the Met again. Even though they had been connected a date, Dr. Eaker said helium felt shy erstwhile helium saw him.


Credit...Mat & Ash Photography

They kept seeing 1 another. By May 2019, the men began introducing each different to their friends. That July, they took a travel to Portland, Maine, due to the fact that Mr. George was playing a performance astatine Bowdoin College successful Brunswick, Maine.

“We had a large clip and ended up falling successful emotion with Maine,” Dr. Eaker said. “At the aforesaid clip we were falling successful emotion with each other.”

They had already begun talking astir moving successful unneurotic erstwhile the pandemic struck. Although it was earlier than they had planned, Mr. George readily moved successful to Dr. Eaker’s apartment. They baked and made cocktails together, relishing the other clip spent with 1 different due to the fact that Mr. George’s occupation often progressive traveling.

“The information that we ended up spending much than 365 days unneurotic without interruption was benignant of a gift, adjacent successful the midst of a truly unspeakable time,” Dr. Eaker said.

In September 2020, Mr. George amazed Dr. Eaker by proposing successful beforehand of a radical of their adjacent friends connected the steps of the Met, which their friends had adorned with roseate petals.

The mates were joined connected Oct. 16 astatine the First Parish Portland Unitarian Universalist Church successful Portland, Maine, earlier astir 100 guests vaccinated against the coronavirus. Limor Tomer, a person of the mates who was ordained by Open Ministry for the occasion, officiated astatine the ceremony, which incorporated African-American Baptist and Jewish traditions.

“Adam is conscionable the astir superb antheral that I know,” Mr. George said. “With Adam, I consciousness astatine home, and I consciousness similar helium is my person. I really couldn’t beryllium happier.”

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