Who Is Michael Rubin, CEO of Fanatics?

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Life isn’t each choppers and parties for the king of sports merch — he’s got plans.

Michael Rubin, 49, the main  enforcement  of Fanatics, a sports merchandise company.
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Katherine Rosman

Nov. 5, 2021, 5:00 a.m. ET

Last month, aft a three-day agelong successful New York, Michael Rubin, was anxious to get backmost to Philadelphia to be the location opener of the 76ers, the N.B.A. squad of which helium is an owner.

He near his 8,000-square-foot penthouse flat successful Greenwich Village and hopped into a waiting Mercedes-Benz van, which whizzed him a mile uptown to his helicopter, propellers awhirl. Thirty-five minutes later, helium landed successful a parking batch adjacent the Wells Fargo Center, wherever the 76ers play, and was chauffeured to the arena successful a Lincoln Navigator.

Mr. Rubin, 49, is the laminitis and main enforcement of Fanatics, a 10-year-old institution that manufactures and sells licensed merchandise online to fans of nonrecreational sports teams and much than 150 U.S. assemblage diversion programs.

It has grown quickly: Because Fanatics manufactures much than 50 percent of the products it sells, it’s capable to respond rapidly to real-time user request by making items that bespeak the abrupt popularity of an jock connected an unforeseen streak, for example, oregon the emergence of a mediocre squad that unexpectedly commencement banking wins.

The occurrence of the concern has enactment Mr. Rubin astatine the nexus of astir each large sports league, an antithetic presumption that not adjacent media executives enjoy, since networks mostly broadcast antithetic sports. It has besides made him a billionaire.

Fanatics and its caller trading paper and NFT companies person been valued by investors astatine a combined $30 billion. Jay-Z is teaming with Mr. Rubin and Fanatics connected a forthcoming sports betting division.

Courtside astatine the 76ers game, Mr. Rubin backslapped a fewer chap large shots, including the 76ers governing owner, Josh Harris, who precocious near Apollo, the backstage equity steadfast helium helped build; Jay Sugarman, the main proprietor of Philadelphia Union, the Major League Soccer team; and David Adelman, the main enforcement of the existent property behemoth Campus Apartments, with whom Mr. Rubin takes Sunday greeting powerfulness walks. And helium exchanged pregame “hey, man”’s with players, including those connected the opposing team, the Brooklyn Nets.

Toward the extremity of the game, arsenic Brooklyn took the pb earlier beating the 76ers, 114-109, the shooting defender James Harden slowed his gait arsenic helium passed Mr. Rubin, giving him a agleam grin and taunting wave. Mr. Rubin, keeping his manus connected his lap, extended his mediate finger, astir imperceptibly. Both men laughed.


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By the clip helium was 14, Mr. Rubin had been buying and reselling aged skis from his parents’ location successful suburban Philadelphia for respective years. With his father’s signature connected a lease, helium opened a retail determination called Mike’s Ski and Sport.

That concern went belly-up a fewer years later. Then Mr. Rubin moved into reselling liquidated merchandise to retailers, which helped screen debts and honed his deal-making skills. His parents were definite his concern obsession was ruining his life, and his begetter made him committedness to spell to college. He enrolled successful Villanova University but classes interfered with his meetings. Mr. Rubin didn’t past a semester.

In 1998, Mr. Rubin realized that galore of his customers were struggling to grow into e-commerce. So helium developed a concern to negociate online purchases, payments, fulfillment and returns, yet adding large customers including Ralph Lauren and Estee Lauder. He sold that company, G.S.I. Commerce, successful 2011 to eBay for $2.4 billion, personally netting $180 million.

As portion of the deal, Mr. Rubin bought backmost a fewer user properties that G.S.I. had owned, including Rue La La and ShopRunner, rank e-commerce sites that connection flash income and peculiar deals. He besides kept Fanatics, a sports e-commerce business. (His umbrella company, Kynetic, bought Gilt Groupe successful 2018 and sold ShopRunner to FedEx for $228 cardinal past year.)

With Fanatics, helium zeroed successful connected earning licensing deals with sports leagues and created galore offerings that went beyond jerseys and shot caps, and pushed the institution to respond to user request successful real-time.

He started pitching the sports leagues erstwhile helium was moving G.S.I., and continued arsenic helium built Fanatics. “Michael specializes successful relationships,” said Adam Silver, the N.B.A. commissioner who has been making deals connected behalf of the league with Mr. Rubin for years. “Michael is ever ‘on,’ and determination is nary favoritism for him betwixt enactment and pleasure.”

Splashy events are portion of the strategy. Fanatics is known for 2 Super Bowl parties (one, a luncheon connected Friday of Super Bowl play for 100 people; the different a Saturday nighttime bash for 1,000, with performers including Cardi B and Post Malone). This summer, helium hosted a “white party” astatine the $50 cardinal Bridgehampton location helium bought past year. Some 300 guests, including Jay-Z and Beyoncé; the M.L.B. commissioner, Rob Manfred; Mr. Harden and Megan Thee Stallion, were there.

“I bash similar bringing radical together,” helium said past period implicit luncheon connected his 5,000-square-foot extortion terrace overlooking the Hudson River. “I person specified a divers acceptable of friends, and I similar to spot them larn and turn from each other.”

One specified person is the New England Patriots proprietor Robert K. Kraft.

Mr. Rubin and Mr. Kraft hop successful abstracted helicopters to conscionable connected rooftop patios and portion tequila (on a caller night, with Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Baby.) They person been to the Canyon Ranch unneurotic to shed a fewer pounds. Mr. Rubin hosted Mr. Kraft’s 80th day enactment astatine his Hamptons house. And according to some of them, they speech connected the telephone each day. “I worth loyalty, and he’s loyal to a fault,” Mr. Kraft said.

As helium grew adjacent to Mr. Rubin, Mr. Kraft started making much licence deals for the Patriots with Fanatics, and successful 2017, helium encouraged the N.F.L. to put successful Fanatics (in a fund-raising circular that brought concern from respective different leagues arsenic well, according to a Fanatics spokesman). The N.F.L. enactment successful $80 million, and present Fanatics is “worth astatine slightest 10 times what we invested,” Mr. Kraft said.

Until 2020, Mr. Rubin said, helium had focused astir two-thirds of his clip connected Fanatics. The remainder of his clip was captured by 1 broadside task oregon another.

First, helium tried and failed to bargain an N.F.L. team, the Carolina Panthers, which yet went to the hedge money enforcement David Tepper for $2.275 cardinal successful May 2018.

After Mr. Rubin’s adjacent person Meek Mill was imprisoned successful 2017 connected a parole usurpation from a 10-year-old weapon and cause complaint (the condemnation has since been overturned), Mr. Rubin became devoted, on with Jay-Z, to seeking Meek’s merchandise done backstage lobbying and nationalist pressure.

Mr. Rubin, Meek, Jay-Z, Mr. Kraft and others pledged $50 million to make Reform Alliance successful 2019, with the ngo to alteration laws and region astatine slightest a cardinal radical from the probation and parole systems. “If you bash each that enactment conscionable for 1 affluent feline to get different affluent feline retired of prison,” Mr. Rubin said, “you’re a existent portion of” garbage.


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In 2020, successful the pandemic’s aboriginal days, Mr. Rubin created the All-In Challenge, which auctioned and raffled peculiar experiences, including meal with Peyton Manning and playing play astatine Pebble Beach with Justin Timberlake and Bill Murray. The task raised $60 cardinal for hunger alleviation organizations.

Many of the top-ticket items for the All-In Challenge were solicited by Mr. Rubin. He called Mr. Kraft to petition 1 of his six Super Bowl rings for the cause, Mr. Kraft recalled. “I said, ‘That’s not adjacent thing I would deliberation about.”

Today, a random pistillate present owns Mr. Kraft’s Super Bowl LI ring, having donated $1.025 cardinal to triumph it. “I inactive don’t cognize however it happened,” Mr. Kraft said.

As Mr. Rubin waited retired the aboriginal days of the pandemic successful Villanova, Pa. — spending clip with his spouse Camille Fishel, 30; his girl Kylie, who is 15 (from a matrimony that ended successful 2011); his and Ms. Fishel’s 1-year-old, Romi; and Mr. Rubin’s mother, Dr. Paulette Rubin, who died past summer — helium looked for his adjacent large thing.

It turned retired to beryllium much concern successful Fanatics, successful presumption of clip and energy, helium said, arsenic helium realized the institution could beryllium much than e-commerce. “We person this unthinkable database with much than 80 cardinal sports fans who are our customers, positive relations with 1,000 assemblage and nonrecreational sports properties,” helium said.

Fanatics knows what colleges customers went to, what nonrecreational teams they basal for, what players they love. The question became: What much could Mr. Rubin merchantability them?

In August, Fanatics announced that it had lured M.L.B. and Major League Baseball Players Association, the players’ union, to permission their 70-year partnerships with the collectibles institution Topps erstwhile the existing contracts expire, and to motion a woody with Fanatics.

Topps had been gearing up for an I.P.O. (through a SPAC), but the public offering was scrapped erstwhile the Fanatics shot woody was announced. “I respect entrepreneurship, and I respect radical who are wide thinkers,” said Michael Eisner, an proprietor of Topps, successful an interrogation this week. “I deliberation helium volition beryllium an entrepreneur to ticker successful the future,” helium said of Mr. Rubin.

Key to the Fanatics woody was a determination that gave the shot players relation equity successful the company, meaning that players would payment financially from it, adjacent beyond the licensing fees.

The N.F.L. and N.B.A. players unions besides signed deals with Fanatics Trading Cards that volition springiness players’ unions a cut.

“For us, Michael is simply a disrupter and represented a disruptive exemplary to the presumption quo that took into relationship some sides of the equation, the subordinate broadside arsenic good arsenic the league side,” said Tony Clark, the enforcement manager of the M.L.B.P.A., who negotiated the woody with Mr. Rubin. “He highlighted thing that precise fewer are consenting to admit: The players person and bring tangible value.”

Fanatics Trading Cards instantly sought concern aft these deals were announced; the institution raised $350 million, valued astatine $10.4 billion. Last month, investors including Peyton Manning, threw successful $100 million for Fanatics’ NFT company. The umbrella company, which brought successful its ain $325 cardinal — and is valued astatine $18 billion — is rumored to beryllium preparing for an I.P.O.

But present Mr. Rubin volition request to execute connected his promises for investors. “When the spotlight is on, arsenic it is now, you person to present — for sports fans, collectors and the leagues,” said Greg Mondre, the co-chief enforcement of the backstage equity steadfast Silver Lake, and a subordinate of the Fanatics board.


Credit...Hilary Swift for The New York Times

Mr. Rubin’s concern strategy of including players successful semipermanent nett shares arsenic good arsenic his transgression betterment efforts marque him a rarity among achromatic billionaires, said Earvin “Magic” Johnson, the erstwhile Los Angeles Lakers superstar who is present an proprietor of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and a subordinate of Fanatics board.

“Michael Rubin’s got the Black card,” Mr. Johnson said. “And not conscionable the 1 for spending money.”

Like galore of Mr. Rubin’s concern relationships, his with Mr. Johnson began arsenic a relationship erstwhile the 2 men spent holidays with their families, unneurotic successful side-by-side cabanas successful the Bahamas. Mr. Rubin’s Instagram is filled with photos and videos of him astatine assorted abrogation locales, including connected yachts and astatine Super Bowls, and drinking astatine his Bridgehampton mansion with celebrities including Jon Bon Jovi.

“Michael works a lot,” said his girlfriend, Ms. Fishel. But, she said, she knows he’ll walk a artifact of clip with his household erstwhile a woody closes. “Then again,” she said, “as soon arsenic Michael finishes 1 deal, determination is ever the adjacent one.”

Back astatine the 76ers game, Allen Iverson, the retired All-Star defender who played for the squad for much than decade, arrived to his ain courtside seats adjacent Mr. Rubin’s. In a mask, New York Yankees headdress and a batch of diamonds, Mr. Iverson was swarmed by cameras. After a fewer minutes, Mr. Rubin approached and greeted him arsenic the cameras rolled.

When the crippled ended, fans mobbed Mr. Iverson for selfies, but a fewer bypassed him, heading consecutive for Mr. Rubin. “I privation to beryllium conscionable similar you,” 1 young antheral said, arsenic Mr. Rubin gamely smiled for a speedy picture. Then helium high-tailed it retired a backdoor. His chopper was waiting.

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