Will Smith opens up about father's abuse in new memoir

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(CNN)Actor Will Smith reveals a acheronian portion of his upbringing and the analyzable narration helium shared with his precocious begetter successful a caller memoir.

In "Will," retired November 9, the prima describes his dada arsenic a antheral with dualities.

"My begetter was violent, but helium was besides astatine each game, play, and recital. He was an alcoholic, but helium was sober astatine each premiere of each 1 of my movies," helium wrote, according to an excerpt highlighted by People magazine.

    He added: "The aforesaid aggravated perfectionism that terrorized his household enactment nutrient connected the array each nighttime of my life."

      That panic is illustrated successful a communicative Smith tells astir erstwhile helium was 9 years aged and helium watched his begetter "punch my parent successful the broadside of the caput truthful hard that she collapsed."

      "I saw her spit blood," helium writes. "That infinitesimal successful that bedroom, astir apt much than immoderate different infinitesimal successful my life, has defined who I am."

      Smith's begetter died successful 2016, astir 16 years aft Smith's parents divorced.

      Smith took attraction of his begetter erstwhile helium was ill, but admits, the incidental haunted him adjacent then.

      "As a kid I'd ever told myself that I would 1 time avenge my mother. That erstwhile I was large enough, erstwhile I was beardown enough, erstwhile I was nary longer a coward, I would slay him," helium wrote.

      One day, helium recovered himself pausing astatine the apical of immoderate stairs arsenic helium wheeled his begetter toward the bath and experienced a acheronian thought.

        "I could shove him down, and easy get distant with it," helium writes. "As the decades of pain, anger, and resentment coursed past receded, I shook my caput and proceeded to instrumentality Daddio to the bathroom."

        Smith is presently connected a speaking circuit successful enactment of his caller book, with dates scheduled for Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Chicago and Los Angeles.

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