William Shatner's Space Launch Revives 43-Year-Old 'Rocket Man' Video

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William Shatner’s historical space jaunt connected Wednesday inspired galore radical to boldly spell backmost into his philharmonic past.

Twitter users dug up a 1978 clip of the “Star Trek” prima performing a spoken-word rendition of Elton John’s 1972 deed “Rocket Man” astatine the 1978 Saturn Awards, which grant films successful the fantasy, fearfulness and sci-fi genres.

The video features an intro by “Rocket Man” lyricist Bernie Taupin, who declares himself “truly proud” to present Shatner.

The archetypal Captain Kirk past appears onstage successful a ’70s tux implicit with a immense bow necktie and a cigaret ― which, ILoveClassicRock.com duly notes “never seems to pain down to the filter.”

Although the ciggie seems to beryllium the accepted baccy kind, Shatner emphasizes the enactment “I’m going to beryllium ... precocious arsenic a kite by then,” arsenic if cannabis is someway involved.

The show than truly hits the stratosphere erstwhile the surface splits to amusement a smoking Shatner connected 1 broadside and a speaking Shatner connected the other, proclaiming, “I’m a ... Rocket Man!”

Not surprisingly, galore Twitter users posted the clip successful tribute to Shatner. But alternatively of snark, a immense bulk utilized a saltation of the line, “He’s a existent ‘Rocket Man’ now.”

Meanwhile, here’s the infamous video which, frankly, holds up adjacent erstwhile the dependable is off.

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