Wily Seal Surrenders At Police Station After Sneaking Into Massachusetts Pond

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BEVERLY, Mass. (AP) — After evading the authorities, a wayward seal that made its location successful a Massachusetts pond surrendered astatine a constabulary presumption connected Friday morning.

The grey seal archetypal appeared earlier this period successful Shoe Pond successful the metropolis of Beverly, northeast of Boston. The carnal is believed to person traveled to the pond from the oversea via a stream and drainage pipes.

The seal rapidly became a section attraction and adjacent named “Shoebert” aft its chosen pond.

Firefighters and wildlife experts utilized boats and elephantine nets successful an effort to seizure the wily carnal Thursday, but gave up aft respective fruitless hours. Early Friday morning, however, Shoebert near the pond, crossed a parking batch and appeared extracurricular the broadside doorway of the section constabulary presumption looking, according to a constabulary statement, “for immoderate help.”

The seal was rapidly corralled by a squad of wildlife experts, firefighters and the constabulary department’s “entire midnight shift,” according to a Facebook station from the Beverly Police Department.

“Shoebert appeared to beryllium successful bully wellness and was a small sassy successful the aboriginal greeting hours,” the section reported.

The seal was transported to Mystic Aquarium successful Mystic, Connecticut, wherever marine biologists volition attraction for it earlier deciding whether to merchandise it backmost into the wild.

“You volition beryllium profoundly missed by your friends here,” the constabulary section wrote connected Facebook. “Over the past week you brought a batch of joyousness and happiness to our city. Feel escaped to travel backmost and sojourn anytime!”

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