With scant vaccine supplies, the W.H.O. presses Latin America and the Caribbean to hold off on boosters.

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World|With scant vaccine supplies, the W.H.O. presses Latin America and the Caribbean to clasp disconnected connected boosters.


A pistillate   receiving a dose of the  AstraZeneca vaccine successful  Managua, Nicaragua, successful  September.
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  • Nov. 3, 2021, 6:27 p.m. ET

Officials from the World Health Organization connected Wednesday urged countries successful Latin America and the Caribbean to bounds administering booster shots and clasp disconnected connected vaccinating children, allocating scant doses to the astir vulnerable.

“In immoderate countries, we person seen vaccine doses reaching each levels of the colonisation earlier a precocious percent of vulnerable” residents person been afloat immunized, Dr. Jarbas Barbosa, adjunct manager of the Pan American Health Organization, a part of the W.H.O., said astatine a quality conference.

Just 46 percent of radical successful Latin America and the Caribbean person been afloat vaccinated truthful far, with supplies being dilatory to scope galore countries, the enactment said. Inequities person plagued the region, too. While Chile and Uruguay person vaccinated much than 75 percent of their populations, countries similar Haiti and Nicaragua person administered 2 jabs to little than 20 percent of people.

Against this backdrop, vaccine supplies crossed the portion indispensable beryllium distributed cautiously and strategically, with the purpose of reducing mortality and transmission of the microorganism among the big population, Dr. Barbosa said.

“P.A.H.O. urges countries to prioritize the elderly, frontline workers and radical with pre-existing conditions — to support them, but besides to forestall the wellness strategy from becoming overburdened with terrible cases,” helium said.

Offering vaccines to children and booster shots to others earlier high-risk groups are afloat vaccinated — arsenic the Dominican Republic has done — “may beryllium defusing immoderate of the efforts” to power the microorganism successful the region, Dr. Barbosa added.

Still, echoing a recent W.H.O. recommendation, helium stressed that older and immunocompromised radical who received the Chinese-made vaccines Sinopharm oregon Sinovac Biotech volition request a 3rd changeable to guarantee they are afloat protected against Covid-19.

“Their vaccination cannot beryllium considered implicit until they person received their 3rd shot,” said Dr. Barbosa, noting that determination is nary grounds that steadfast adults who person received 2 doses request another.

This could impact millions of radical successful Latin America and the Caribbean, wherever galore countries — including Chile and Brazil — person relied heavy connected the much readily disposable Chinese-made shots to velocity up vaccination.

Vaccine supplies distributed done the United Nations-backed Covax program, meanwhile, are picking up pace, with Latin America and the Caribbean receiving astir 64.3 cardinal doses truthful far. Some 2.6 cardinal doses person reached Venezuela, wherever the wellness strategy is particularly fragile, and much supplies are expected successful November.

New Covid-19 cases crossed Latin America and the Caribbean person been declining successful caller weeks, offering an encouraging awesome for the region, Dr. Barbosa noted. But helium urged countries to enactment vigilant and support nationalist wellness measures, informing that the pandemic is not over.

“The declining lawsuit indices amusement that our attack is working,” helium said. “And it is captious for each of america to enactment the people until everyone is vaccinated and protected from the virus.”

Officials besides warned astir the anticipation of a spike successful infections with the onset of wintertime and the vacation season. As question restrictions are lifted successful galore countries, tourism could airs an further risk, said Dr. Sylvain Aldighieri, the Covid-19 incidental manager astatine P.A.H.O.

“Social distancing and avoiding closed environments, unneurotic with disguise wearing, are the astir important tools for limiting the transmission,” Dr. Aldighieri said. “The nationalist truly has to incorporated these basal measures into their lifestyle, including beach, seaside and abrogation activities.”

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