Woman Allegedly Being Held Hostage Gets Rescued Thanks To Grubhub Note

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A 24-year-old pistillate successful Yonkers, New York, was rescued from an alleged hostage concern acknowledgment to immoderate edifice employees who cautiously work the peculiar instructions successful her Grubhub order.

The pistillate placed an bid for an Irish meal sandwich and a cheeseburger to the Chipper Truck Cafe, a 24-hour eatery, connected Sunday astatine astir 5 a.m., according to Westchester News 12.

Restaurant employees noticed the “additional instructions” weren’t the emblematic requests for other utensils oregon dressing connected the side.

Instead, the enactment requested that restaurant employees “call the police” and person them travel with the delivery, but “please don’t marque it obvious.”

“It was a unusual connection due to the fact that you could spot that it was wrote similar successful a hurry,” she said. “It wasn’t correct. So we could spot that it was idiosyncratic that was successful distress.”

Restaurant employees called the police, who arrived connected the country astir 6:20 a.m. and arrested 32-year-old Kemoy Royal connected charges of rape, strangulation, transgression enactment act, unlawful imprisonment, menacing, assault, transgression possession of a limb and intersexual abuse.

The New York Police Department besides charged Royal with attempted rape, intersexual maltreatment and battle for a abstracted lawsuit involving a 26-year-old pistillate connected June 15, according to NBC News.

He is presently being held successful lieu of $25,000 bail, and his archetypal tribunal quality is scheduled for Friday, according to “Inside Edition.”

“Thankfully, the girls paid attention,” Bermejo told the show. “We ever ticker the notes due to the fact that we don’t privation to marque mistakes connected customers’ orders.”

Bermejo said aft the Grubhub operator picked up the order, she and her unit were near wondering however it each turned retired ― until idiosyncratic called the edifice connected Monday, thanking the employees for their help.

“We were truly happy,” Bermejo told CBS News.

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