Woman earns GED at 90 years old

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GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - 90-year-old Ellouise Lewis received an honorary GED certificate during a graduation ceremonial astatine Gulfport Care Center connected Wednesday.

“I ne'er did get a accidental to postgraduate until this day,” she told WLOX.

Lewis dropped retired of schoolhouse successful the 10th grade. Looking backmost connected her 90 years, she said the 1 happening she wished she had done was finished precocious school, truthful the Care Center unit worked to marque it happen.

“When they told maine present that I could get my GED, I was blessed astir it. I’m inactive happy,” she said, crying. “Excuse me, due to the fact that this makes maine blessed to cognize that I tin bash this.”

When Lewis expressed her tendency to decorativeness schoolhouse to Activity Director Lisa Perdue, she acceptable retired to marque her privation travel existent by a small research.

“It’s a blessing to maine and to my coworkers to beryllium capable to marque this happen,” Perdue said.

She reached retired to Wells of SouthGate, a Christian-based learning halfway successful Gulfport.

“It was conscionable large to beryllium progressive with this,” said Leonard Martin, who presented the certificate.

Lewis became the organization’s first-ever recipient aft passing a mock trial administered by the group.

Although it is not an authoritative GED, the honorary GED certificate she was presented with illustrates her cognition and determination to implicit SouthGate’s course.

“She’s the first,” her lad Greg Lewis said. “She’s pivotal. So, hopefully, it volition unfastened doors for others to travel successful her footsteps.”

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