Woman found dead in department store bathroom

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Wednesday the Lexington County Coroner Margaret Fisher said 63-year-old Bessie Durham was recovered dormant soon aft 8 p.m. connected Monday, Sept. 19.

Durham’s assemblage was located wrong a nationalist restroom astatine the Belk section store. Surveillance footage showed her entering the bath connected Sept. 15, astatine astir 7 a.m., and was not seen exiting.

An autopsy is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 22 astatine MUSC successful Charleston. Fisher said foul play is not suspected astatine this time.


A 63-year-old pistillate named Bessie Durham, who worked arsenic a janitor astatine the Belk section store was recovered dormant wrong the section store’s nationalist bathroom.

Police accidental Durham was past seen connected Thursday by different worker but her assemblage had not been discovered until Monday night.

For 4 days, Durham’s assemblage went unnoticed wrong a nationalist restroom during a engaged buying weekend. WIS spoke to a fewer radical successful the country today, and they’re asking the aforesaid questions we are asking...which is how.

“There are a batch of questions that request to beryllium answered,” said Beverly Stroman who lives successful Columbia.

That’s the absorption from radical who were buying adjacent the promenade Tuesday day aft learning a pistillate died successful the section store’s bath Monday night.

“I was conscionable determination yesterday... if I’d gone successful the restroom, which I usually bash a lot, you know, I don’t know, that’s conscionable terrible,” said Wheeler.

Deputy Chief Melron Kelly with the Columbia Police Department says the household of Durham had not spoken to her for 4 days and really went to the presumption to record a missing person’s report.

“We were with the household taking a missing person’s report, and erstwhile we were connected country and did a small investigating, we did observe the idiosyncratic deceased astatine the Belk,” said Deputy Chief Melron Kelly, Columbia Police Department.

Belk issued the pursuing statement:

First and foremost, we nonstop our deepest condolences to the household of the housekeeping subordinate who was employed by KBS, which provides cleaning services astatine our Columbiana Centre location. At this time, we are moving with KBS to find the details astir what happened. We person besides made counselors disposable to Belk and KBS associates seeking support.

“You wonderment wherefore the customers didn’t spot it and study it, but you would think, the employees if she’s inactive connected the clock, would cognize that and spell and cheque to spot wherever she was,” said Stroman.

And that’s what the constabulary are investigating, wherefore and however nary 1 noticed Durham, but with the probe successful its aboriginal stages, transgression charges could inactive beryllium a possibility.

“We’re inactive moving with the store to find retired what their process is to closing down the store, inspecting the store and things of that nature,” said Deputy Chief Kelly.

Chief Kelly says they’ll proceed to enactment with the employers and the promenade to corroborate erstwhile Durham was past seen, and they’ll beryllium moving with the Lexington County Coroner to find erstwhile precisely she died.

WIS did talk with the coroner who told america determination were besides nary indications of cause use. An autopsy is scheduled for aboriginal this week.

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