Woman found on fire is in medically induced coma

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PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Philadelphia constabulary are investigating aft a pistillate was recovered connected occurrence successful the city's Kensington section.

Police said 36-year-old Alyssa Morales suffered terrible burns and is presently successful captious information successful a medically induced coma astatine Temple University Hospital.

The incidental happened astir 12:30 a.m. Friday connected the 1800 artifact of East Tioga Street.

Action News spoke with Morales' mother, Lee Ann Morales, Wednesday. She said her girl volition beryllium successful the infirmary for astatine slightest 3 months.

"I'd similar to conscionable hug you, I'd similar to interaction you and I can't," Lee Ann Morales said to her daughter.

Alyssa, besides known arsenic Bre, has burns to implicit 60 percent of her body, according to police; they are reviewing video circulating online that shows her apparel connected fire.

A witnesser told constabulary they saw Morales with a antheral and different pistillate successful an statement earlier the blaze connected Friday.

"She sees the pistillate that's with them spray immoderate benignant of liquid towards the antheral and the female, and that liquid past is lit connected fire," said Chief Inspector Frank Vanore with the Philadelphia Police Department.

Vanore said the antheral connected occurrence ran from the scene. When the occurrence section came retired to enactment retired the fire, they discovered Alyssa with terrible burns.

"I consciousness broken. It's conscionable similar I don't cognize wherever to go, I don't cognize however to get up," Lee Ann Morales said. "She'll ne'er person the look she was calved with. Never."

Her parent said Alyssa has been battling a heroin addiction for astir 12 years. She's kept up with her girl connected the YouTube transmission AML FILMS, watching videos astir her beingness successful Kensington.

"Yesterday was the time that we were expected to meet, and it would person been the archetypal clip that I saw her physically successful astir 4 years," Lee Ann Morales said.

Police said they are hoping to get immoderate leads from radical successful the area.

"At night, astir midnight, determination are individuals that are progressive successful the cause trade, selling drugs, utilizing drugs. There's a batch of prostitution successful the country truthful we're talking to immoderate of the individuals that predominant the area," said Philadelphia Chief Inspector Scott Small.

Police are moving to fig retired if Alyssa was intentionally acceptable connected fire.

Police said if they find she was intentionally acceptable connected occurrence past those liable tin beryllium charged with arson, aggravated battle and reckless endangerment among different superior crimes

No arrests person been made.

Anyone with accusation connected this lawsuit is asked to telephone constabulary astatine 215-686-TIPS.

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