Woman held used food delivery to alert police

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BRONX, New York (WABC) -- A young woman, held hostage and raped astatine a location successful Bronx, is present harmless acknowledgment to her wherewithal to bid a nutrient transportation connected an app, with a chilling enactment pleading for the recipient to telephone the cops.

The Grubhub bid for a meal sandwich and a burger astatine 5 a.m. connected a Sunday was thing antithetic for the folks astatine the Chipper Truck Café connected McLean Avenue successful Yonkers, but what was unusual was the enactment nether further instructions.

It was intelligibly hastily written, saying to telephone the cops and person them travel with the nutrient and not marque it obvious.

"She was fundamentally saying to bring the constabulary with the delivery," said Alice Bermejo of Chipper Truck Cafe.

Alice Bermejo, who owns the concern with her husband, says helium got a telephone from the idiosyncratic who saw the bid travel up connected the screen.

"They'd seen the enactment connected the order, and they called my husband, said 'what should we do,' and helium was like, 'call the police, can't instrumentality immoderate risks, amended beryllium harmless than sorry,'" she said.

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The bid came from an code successful the Eastchester conception of the Bronx, wherever authorities accidental a 32-year-old antheral was holding a 24-year-old pistillate against her volition and sexually assaulting her.

They had met successful idiosyncratic months aft archetypal gathering online, and it turned violent. He wouldn't fto her person her phone, but to bid food.

At that hour, her champion anticipation was getting a connection to a edifice 3 and a fractional miles away. The Bermejo household is grateful to the worker who did telephone the constabulary and explain.

"Just knowing that like, we were there, and that being unfastened 24 hours allowed her to person a mode to get help," Alice Bermejo's girl Alicia said.

The fishy opened a door, according to tribunal documents, admitting helium thought the young woman's nutrient had arrived. But it was the police.

That suspect, identified arsenic 32-year-old Kemoy Royal, was deed with a slew of charges including rape, unlawful imprisonment, strangulation, transgression enactment enactment and intersexual abuse, among different counts.

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And he's present besides charged successful the attempted intersexual battle of different young pistillate days earlier.

That incidental took spot astatine Royal's location connected June 14 and was reported the adjacent day. Somehow, that 26-year-old unfortunate was capable to get away. It's unclear wherefore constabulary hadn't arrested Royal for that archetypal incidental until June 19.

He was charged successful some cases astatine the aforesaid time.

Royal was arrested acknowledgment to that Grubhub order, which the Bermejo's didn't cognize until they got a telephone from the victim's friend.

"They called to convey america and conscionable to beryllium like, 'thank you truthful overmuch for helping my person and just, you cognize making definite that she was fine,'" Alicia Bermejo said. "We truly had nary thought of the gravity of the concern until aft everything had happened."

They springiness the unfortunate recognition for her speedy reasoning successful a frightening situation.

"I can't adjacent imagine. I anticipation someday we get to conscionable her," Alice Bermejo said.

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