Woman launches cookie business from home

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Like many, Courtney Demarest had plentifulness of downtime during the COVID-19 pandemic. Also similar many, she noticed that radical could usage a grin owed to their ain downtime, oregon stress.

Both would animate Brighter Days Cookie Co., a concern Demarest launched from her Auburn location successful January. 

Demarest, who works successful lawsuit work astatine a veterinary session successful the Auburn area, operates Brighter Days with a home processor license. Before that, she worked astatine a fewer restaurants. But her emotion of baking reaches backmost further. She learned it from her parent and grandmother, and it was portion she was making Christmas cookies with her household past twelvemonth that the thought for the concern took shape.

"I didn't person overmuch going connected during COVID-19, and I truly wanted to bring thing joyful backmost to people," she told The Citizen. "That's what inspired the sanction 'Brighter Days.'"

Demarest's cookies scope successful spirit from cinnamon rotation and mint spot to peanut food cupful and cookies 'n' cream, and the astir fashionable is food vanilla. Her specialty is sweetener cookies made with royal icing. It takes the signifier of a hard, level and creaseless surface, Demarest explained, truthful it tin beryllium layered. That gives her a sugary canvas wherever she tin tube writing, floral patterns and more.

"You tin make a batch with it, but royal icing is not forgiving," she said. "I've had immoderate orders that are challenging, precise intricate ones, but they marque maine a amended baker."

Demarest said she gets astir 3 oregon 4 orders a week, immoderate for respective twelve cookies. Her summertime was engaged with weddings and engagements, and arsenic the holidays approach, she's been adjacent busier. But she's blessed to be, and hopes the cookies she bakes dispersed that happiness the mode she intended erstwhile she started Brighter Days Cookie Co. from her home.

"My main ngo is to bring radical unneurotic and enactment much smiles connected people's faces, to bring radical unneurotic with a treat," she said. "Something to springiness arsenic a gift, oregon if you person a saccharine tooth, for you."

Lake Life Editor David Wilcox tin beryllium reached astatine (315) 282-2245 oregon dav[email protected]. Follow him connected Twitter @drwilcox.

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