Woman survives crane boom falling on car

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NEW YORK -- The crane of a roar motortruck broke disconnected the conveyance astatine a operation tract successful the Bronx Tuesday, crushing a car that was stopped astatine a postulation light.

It happened astir 10:30 a.m. The driver, 22-year-old Danielle Cruz, sustained a manus wounded and a chopped to her lip.

WATCH: Surveillance video captures infinitesimal roar falls connected car

Cruz, a Lehman College pupil who was driving to people astatine the time, described the mishap arsenic "happening dilatory and accelerated astatine the aforesaid time."

She saw the postulation airy being ripped down and anticipated thing was astir to happen, and she said a firefighter told her that if she had stopped 3 inches forward, she'd beryllium dead.

Cruz said she's precise appreciative of the bully Samaritans who came to her assistance and opened the door, due to the fact that she was incapable to.

She was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital for treatment, but amazingly, she reportedly lone suffered insignificant injuries, perchance from glass.

"It sounded similar the World Trade Center," witnesser Ticey Williams said. "I was lasting there, and each the sudden, I was looking up, and I saw the beam pop, and it was coming down, it was similar a movie. I was like, there's nary mode this could beryllium happening. So past erstwhile I heard the clang from the partition wherever it hit, and past the car, bam, I conscionable knew idiosyncratic was dead. But convey God the woman was alright. We snatched the doorway unfastened and got her out."

It appeared the roar broke disconnected portion lifting materials. The motortruck did not extremity over.

"They were taking a payload up to the seventh oregon eighth level supra maine erstwhile the crane roar collapsed crossed the road, fell connected the car close down maine and injured 1 rider successful that car," FDNY Deputy Assistant Chief John Sarrocco said. "She has, judge it oregon not, insignificant injuries. She is precise lucky. She was successful the car down me, and the mode the roar crossed the car, conscionable missed her. She's going to beryllium fine."

The gathering nether operation appears to beryllium undamaged.

Inspectors with the Department of Buildings are responding to the scene, and the FDNY evacuated astir 29 workers from the tract retired of an abundance of caution.

Sarrocco said the origin of the nonaccomplishment is nether investigation.

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