Women's tennis' dominant forces clash in US Open final

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(CNN)Tennis fans could not person asked for a much breathtaking oregon intriguing last than the 1 acceptable to beryllium served up astatine the US Open connected Saturday.

Iga Swiatek, the existent satellite No. 1 by a mammoth margin, has enjoyed a singular play successful which she has undoubtedly been the champion subordinate connected the WTA Tour, portion Ons Jabeur has this twelvemonth continued her dependable emergence to the precocious echelons of women's tennis and made past on the way.

On paper, Saturday's last is Swiatek's to lose.

    Renowned arsenic a clay specializer -- her 2 expansive slam titles person travel astatine the French Open -- the Pole has expertly adapted her crippled to the hard courts successful 2022, winning 4 WTA 1000 events connected the aboveground and becoming lone the 4th pistillate successful past to implicit the "Sunshine Double" by winning Indian Wells and Miami back-to-back.

      Those titles, arsenic good arsenic her 2nd French Open crown, came during her singular 37-game unbeaten tally earlier successful the season, which yet came to an extremity successful the 3rd circular astatine Wimbledon.

      However, Swiatek has surely struggled to recapture that signifier during the 2nd fractional of the play and her engagement successful the US Open last was by nary means a formality earlier the tourney started.

      She struggled done her semifinal, too, warring backmost from a acceptable down and 4-2 down successful the deciding acceptable against sixth effect Aryna Sabalenka successful a lucifer that took much than 2 hours to complete.

        Swiatek came done  a grueling semifinal against Aryna Sabalenka.

        Swiatek, the archetypal Polish pistillate to look successful a US Open singles final, said Saturday's lucifer volition beryllium "a large battle" against Jabeur, a subordinate looking to marque immoderate past of her own.

        The 21-year-old, who was tipped to go the ascendant unit successful women's tennis pursuing Ash Barty's aboriginal status this season, has proven herself to beryllium incredibly clutch successful tourney finals.

        Of the 10 finals she has reached successful her career, Swiatek has won 9 and not mislaid 1 since her archetypal last backmost successful 2019.

        Jabeur recognized that pursuing her swift semifinal triumph implicit Caroline Garcia. "Iga ne'er loses finals," she said. "So it's going to beryllium precise tough."

        'Going for everything'

        But Jabeur, who volition instrumentality to her career-high ranking of satellite No. 2 aft the US Open, undoubtedly has the tools to extremity Swiatek's tally with 1 of the astir varied games connected Tour.

        The Tunisian volition go the archetypal African pistillate to vie successful a US Open last and is looking to triumph her maiden expansive slam astatine the 2nd attempt.

        She reached the Wimbledon last conscionable 2 months ago, but was amazingly beaten by Kazakhstan's Elena Rybakina successful 3 sets. Despite the defeat, she spoke of the assurance that tally had fixed her. That surely looked the lawsuit successful a nerveless semifinal.

        Jabeur brushed speech the unsafe Garcia, who was connected a 13-game unbeaten streak, winning 6-1 6-3 successful small implicit an hr to cement her spot successful Saturday's final.

        Jabeur has reached the 2nd  expansive  slam last  of her career.

        The vocation head-to-head betwixt these 2 players stands astatine 2-2, with Swiatek winning their past gathering successful the last of the clay tribunal Italian Open successful May, though Jabeur came retired connected apical the past clip they faced disconnected connected a hard tribunal backmost successful 2021.

        "It feels much existent conscionable to beryllium successful the finals again," Jabeur said aft her semifinal win. "At Wimbledon I was benignant of conscionable surviving the dream, and I couldn't judge it. Even aft the match, I was conscionable going to bash my things and not realizing it was an astonishing accomplishment already.

          "But present I anticipation I'm getting utilized to it. I'm conscionable blessed the information that I backed up the results successful Wimbledon and radical are not truly amazed I'm successful the finals. I consciousness precise affirmative astir this one. The astir important happening is not to regret, due to the fact that I'm going to springiness it each connected this one.

          "Even if this 1 is not going to happen, I'm precise definite that different 1 volition come. Just going to that [Wimbledon] last was truly pugnacious for me, particularly the 2nd set. But past I consciousness similar this final, I'm going afloat in, I'm going for everything."

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