Women warn of wedding photo scam

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MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Grafton pistillate is 1 of dozens of radical she says paid a wedding lensman thousands of dollars for photos they'll ne'er get.

The women are dispersed crossed respective states and person present banded unneurotic to pass others truthful they don't besides autumn victim.

The radical says determination are present astatine slightest 26 women trying to get their wealth backmost from Erin Lundy, but they're not assured that volition happen.

Many ne'er got their photos and fearfulness they're gone forever, others accidental she didn't adjacent amusement up astatine their wedding.

And 1 of the women said she recovered retired the time aft her wedding Lundy wasn't determination due to the fact that she was successful jail.

Rachel Straubhaar lives adjacent Madison. She got joined Saturday, Sept. 17. She said, "We didn't person a wedding lensman connected what is expected to beryllium our astir important day."

Rachel and her now-husband paid lensman Erin Lundy $3,000 to sprout their ceremonial and reception, but she ne'er showed up.

Straubhaar recalled, "It's astir noon connected our wedding day, and we get a connection from immoderate random idiosyncratic saying she was having exigency country and couldn't come."

So determination was nary photographer, and determination was besides nary surgery. Straubhaar said, "Then recovered retired the adjacent time that it wasn't surgery, she was successful information arrested."

Rachel is 1 of much than 2 twelve women who accidental Lundy scammed them.

But they can't link with her due to the fact that close present she's successful the Dane County Jail for thing wholly unrelated to her photography: 17 counts -13 of them felonies - for stealing much than $32,000 from a erstwhile employer.

Jules Kranich says she was scammed by Lundy, saying, "I privation to retrieve the days. I privation to spell back. It's conscionable sad."

Jules knows she whitethorn ne'er get her wealth back, but she's holding retired anticipation she volition get the memories. "I don't cognize what to do. I consciousness awful, my heart's broken, truthful is everybody else's. We conscionable privation our photos."

Lundy astatine slightest showed up astatine Jules' wedding and took photos, and they could inactive beryllium saved somewhere.

Lundy's website advertises 3 packages ranging from $1,800 to $3,900.

Kranich said, "You cognize it's going to beryllium a fewer 1000 dollars to get truly bully pictures. And I thought I did each the research."

But truthful acold that wealth has lone gotten Jules a azygous photograph of her with a sunflower, thing else. Family members changeable a fewer photos connected their phones.

Jules and the radical of women are present trying to scope anyone they whitethorn person missed, similar Lexi Retz of Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Lexi said erstwhile she heard from the group, "They fundamentally stated, 'this is what's happening. Erin isn't who she says she is.'"

Soon aft Lexi paid Lundy a $1,000 retainer, it each fell apart. She said, "I americium truthful thankful that I americium not getting joined adjacent week, and she's not going to amusement up for my wedding."

But Lundy is scheduled to sprout respective weddings for women successful the radical successful the coming weeks, and they don't cognize what volition happen.

Lexi said, "I consciousness unspeakable for the women who person to spell done that."

The women are moving unneurotic and supporting each other, digging for leads and sharing ineligible advice. But they cognize they whitethorn not get backmost what they privation the most.

And it's hard to reply erstwhile radical inquire if their wedding was the happiest time of their lives.

Rachel said, "It's pugnacious to beryllium similar 'Well, really our lensman ruined our time due to the fact that she wasn't there."

Calls to Erin Lundy's photography concern were not answered.

As mentioned, Dane County Jail records database her arsenic successful custody astatine this time. Calls to the jailhouse to scope Lundy were besides not returned.

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