Woody Harrelson Reacts To Viral Photo Of Doppelgänger Baby With Sweet Poem

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Woody Harrelson is speechmaking your tweets — astatine slightest the viral ones featuring small babies who look similar him.

Northern Ireland nonmigratory Danielle Grier Mulvenna learned arsenic overmuch connected Friday erstwhile the histrion responded connected Instagram to Wednesday’s viral tweet successful which she posted a side-by-side photograph comparison of Harrelson and her babe miss Cora, according to ET Online.

“Ok but however does our girl look similar Woody Harreslon,” tweeted Mulvenna.

Her daughter’s adorable grin was acceptable beside an representation of Harrelson from “Zombieland 2: Double Tap.” The 61-year-old histrion and his newfound doppelgänger were some shown smiling from receptor to ear, and portion 9-month-old Cora has yet to turn each her teeth, the resemblance was uncanny.

“Cora says, convey you each truthful overmuch for the likes and retweets and besides that she doesn’t ever look similar Woody Harreslon, it’s conscionable that erstwhile she does…she truly really does xxx,” tweeted Mulvenna aft the examination received hundreds of thousands of likes.

Little did Mulvenna cognize that Harrelson himself would drawback upwind of the tweet and publically respond to the spitting representation connected Instagram. The Oscar-nominated histrion not lone screenshotted Mulvenna’s tweet, but wrote 4 lines of poesy for her girl — titled “Ode to Cora.”

“Ode to Cora,” Harrelson captioned his Instagram post. “You’re an adorable kid / Flattered to beryllium compared / You person a fantastic grin / I conscionable privation I had your hair.”

Mulvenna, who was tagged successful Harrelson’s post, responded successful the comments and said helium “made our day.” She besides said she “can’t hold to amusement her this erstwhile she’s older, you person different instrumentality for life.” Mulvenna made definite to tweet a screenshot of the post successful gratitude.

“It’s not each time Woody Harreslon writes your girl a poem,” she wrote.

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