World Cup Captains Want To Wear Rainbow Armbands In Qatar

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GENEVA (AP) — FIFA came nether unit Wednesday from respective European shot federations who privation their captains to deterioration an armband with a rainbow bosom plan during World Cup games successful Qatar to run against discrimination.

France and Germany, the past 2 World Cup champions, were among 8 of the 13 European shot teams going to Qatar who joined the “One Love” campaign, which started successful the Netherlands. The Dutch squad plays Qatar successful Group A connected Nov. 29.

FIFA rules prohibit teams from bringing their ain armband designs to the World Cup and importune they indispensable usage instrumentality provided by the governing body.

Armbands are the latest battleground for players to propulsion governmental messages linked to the World Cup hosted successful Qatar, wherever homosexual acts are amerciable and the attraction of migrant workers gathering projects for the tourney has been a decade-long controversy.

“Wearing the armband unneurotic connected behalf of our teams volition nonstop a wide connection erstwhile the satellite is watching,” England skipper Harry Kane said successful a statement.

The Swiss shot federation said it wanted skipper Granit Xhaka to deterioration an armband connected which “you tin spot a bosom with divers colors which correspond the diverseness of humanity.”

Soccer players person embraced their level to marque statements successful caller years. Taking a genu connected the tract was regular earlier Premier League games for 2 seasons aft the decease of George Floyd, a Black antheral killed by a constabulary serviceman successful the United States.

FIFA supported taking a knee and present has to determine whether to backmost immoderate of its astir influential subordinate federations successful a motion that could embarrass Qatar.

“A petition to FIFA has besides been submitted asking that support beryllium provided for the armbands to beryllium worn passim the FIFA World Cup,” the Welsh shot federation said successful a statement.

FIFA did not instantly remark connected the request.

The armbands tin beryllium worn astatine UEFA-organized games successful the Nations League this week, including by some captains erstwhile Belgium hosts Wales connected Thursday.

The run for the armbands was launched 1 time aft the Emir of Qatar spoke astatine the United Nations General Assembly successful New York promising a World Cup without discrimination.

“The Qatari radical volition person with unfastened arms shot fans from each walks of life,” Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani said successful a code to different satellite leaders.

The 8 European teams backing the “One Love” run for quality rights besides included Belgium and Denmark. The 5 European qualifiers for the World Cup not taking portion Wednesday were Croatia, Poland, Portugal, Serbia and Spain.

However, Poland skipper Robert Lewandowski — a two-time FIFA satellite subordinate of the twelvemonth — said this week helium would instrumentality an armband successful the bluish and yellowish colors of Ukraine’s emblem to Qatar.

Poland refused to play Russia, the 2018 World Cup host, successful a playoff lucifer successful March. Before the game, FIFA and European shot assemblage UEFA banned Russian teams from planetary competitions due to the fact that the state invaded Ukraine.

The run for the armbands emerged portion a sheet of UEFA subordinate federations monitored advancement successful Qatar connected labour instrumentality reforms and different quality rights up of the tournament.

That sheet includes the Norwegian shot federation, whose president Lise Klaveness delivered a scathing disapproval of the Qatari project astatine an yearly FIFA gathering successful March successful Doha connected the eve of the tourney draw.

England and Wales were among the federations Wednesday acknowledging advancement made successful Qatar since the affluent emirate won the World Cup hosting ballot successful December 2010.

However, the English federation said players would conscionable with immoderate migrant workers who volition beryllium invited to its grooming campy successful Al Wakrah.

England besides added to enactment already expressed successful Germany this week for FIFA and World Cup organizers to compensate the families of operation workers who came to Qatar to assistance physique stadiums, metro lines and hotels.

Amnesty International has suggested FIFA should wage $440 cardinal successful reparations to adjacent the prize wealth being paid to the 32 teams successful Qatar.

At a German federation lawsuit connected Monday, an invited instrumentality who is cheery utilized the level to impulse the Qatari ambassador that his state should abolish laws against homosexuality. The ambassador, Abdulla bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Thani, complained that quality rights issues were distracting from the tournament.


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