WWII vet has had no A/C for 3 months

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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - As temperatures ascent supra 100 degrees, a Dallas World War II seasoned is acrophobic astir his wellness and safety. 

Robert Shafer, Sr. said contempt paying rent connected clip astatine his status community, he's been without moving A/C for 3 months. 

"I deliberation it's disgraceful," the 99-year-old Shafer, Sr. said. "I spent my beingness successful operation and I tin astir physique a full caller gathering successful the play of clip this air-conditioning has been out." 

His lad has been trying to get him immoderate help. 

"I tried to conscionable with the unit here, the enforcement director, to get it fixed erstwhile it was cooler outside, but they did virtually nothing," Robert Shafer, Jr. said. 

Now helium feels similar he's getting the runaround. 

"First, they said they were negotiating," Shafer, Jr. said. "They had to get 3 bids from antithetic vendors to travel hole the aerial conditioner. Then they said we're waiting connected parts. That's their pat reply and past each clip helium calls down to the beforehand desk, each helium tin get is we're moving connected it oregon we're waiting connected parts." 

Shafer, Jr. said conscionable today, a portable portion was installed successful the apartment. However, arsenic it got hotter extracurricular the CBS 11 unit watched arsenic the thermometer inactive continued to climb, reaching implicit 90 degrees.  

"That's unlivable," Shafer, Jr. said. "That's unlivable." 

CBS 11 tried to talk with Emerson connected Harvest Hill employees to spot what's being done and asked to beryllium enactment successful interaction with absorption but were told they won't beryllium commenting astatine this time. 

Legal experts are weighing successful connected what you tin bash if you find yourself successful a akin situation. 

"You should bash a repaired remedy petition and you should bash it successful penning due to the fact that that triggers the spot code, the ineligible rights, that you person to bring them to court," Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas Supervising Attorney Farwah Raza said. 

She said you'll privation to bash this done certified message truthful you person impervious and beryllium definite to accidental the concern is affecting your wellness and safety. 

 "You cognize if you are a idiosyncratic who is disabled you should besides beryllium asking for tenable accommodations nether the Fair Housing Act," Raza added.  

Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas said past springiness the analyzable clip to marque the repairs, usually astir 5 days. If there's nary response, you should record a petition successful your section justness of the bid tribunal and spell from there.  

The Shafers are moving to fig retired their adjacent move. 

"There's not precise galore of america implicit present and they conscionable don't care," Shafer, Sr. said. "They conscionable don't care." 

Erin Jones

Raised successful Richardson, Erin Jones is arrogant to telephone North Texas home.

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