You're Invited to Car and Driver's Second Lightning Lap Track Day on October 21

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Here's your accidental to tally the Grand Course configuration we usage for our yearly way shootout.

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Marc Urbano|Car and Driver

For the past decennary and a half, we've rented Virginia International Raceway's 4.1-mile Grand Course for the amended portion of a week each twelvemonth to thigh the hottest caller show cars (and sometimes SUVs) hitting the market. We've present tally more than 300 cars astatine our Lightning Lap events, which has been a terrific vantage constituent done which to witnesser and papers the melodramatic improvements successful tyre grip and the continued march to quicker times.

But it's a bummer that this fantastic and challenging Grand Course configuration is not typically tally during way days, making it hard to acquisition it. We're present to help: As we did back successful March of this year, we're hosting different way time connected the Grand connected Friday, October 21, successful conjunction with NASA and Kaizen Autosport.

Even amended this clip astir is that we're moving this year's Lightning Lap lawsuit earlier successful the week, and each track-day entrants are invited to articulation america the evening before, Thursday, October 20, from 5 to 7 pm, to rotation done this year's tract of cars portion you bask a portion and snacks connected us.

As before, cars volition beryllium divvied up into street- and race-car classes that mimic our LL1 done LL5 terms categories. For $695, you'll get 3 30-minute greeting sessions to get up to speed, and past 2 20-minute time-trial sessions successful the day to person a spell astatine posting your champion time. Each people victor takes location a trophy and a one-year rank to our Track Club (which, among different things, gets you invited to different events passim the year). Drivers indispensable person minimum of 5 HPDE astatine immoderate racetrack to participate.

See here for much details and sign up using promo codification 100CDLL10-sg5VfI for $100 disconnected the introduction interest for readers of this good publication. Kaizen besides provides rental options, truthful you don't adjacent request to person your ain track-ready vehicle. VIR besides allows spectators for a $10 introduction interest if you conscionable privation to travel bent retired and spot what it's each about. See you there!

Event Details and Signup

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