Youngest Black law graduate in US makes history

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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM A Texas pistillate is making past this weekend. 

Haley Taylor Schlitz, 19, is graduating from Southern Methodist University this Saturday. 

"It's conscionable it's excessively perfect, I'm excited," Schlitz said. "It feels truly existent now."

The North Texas autochthonal is making nationalist history.

law-grad.jpg Haley Taylor Schlitz, 19, is acceptable to go the youngest Black instrumentality postgraduate and youngest pistillate to person a JD this play erstwhile she graduates from SMU. Alexis Wainwright/

"This representation of this young Black pistillate successful America, successful the authorities of Texas, getting acceptable to locomotion crossed the signifier and marque history, not arsenic conscionable the youngest Black instrumentality postgraduate successful the past of this country, but besides arsenic the youngest pistillate successful this state to locomotion crossed the signifier and get her JD," father, William Schlitz said. 

Haley has been making nationalist headlines since her communicative was shared done the University, from CNN to the Tamron Hall show. 

"It feels truly good," Haley said. "Not lone does it consciousness bully to beryllium recognized for the accomplishment, but it besides feels bully to beryllium capable to get my communicative retired there. I'm truly hoping to animate anybody who hears my story."

Haley doesn't instrumentality each the recognition for this accomplishment. She credits her family, friends and mentors for each their help. 

"I deliberation 1 of the biggest things that's kept maine inspired is my village. You know, you ne'er get anyplace alone," Haley said. "My parent is 1 of my greatest, top trees successful my full wood and she's a immense inspiration, a large supporter, large advisor and virtually the existent crushed wherefore I'm here."

Her parents accidental they couldn't beryllium much arrogant arsenic their girl breaks perceptions astir Black pistillate and men. 

"To spot her shatter perceptions of what Black students tin bash and what their afloat imaginable is," William said, "I deliberation it's a precise almighty connection she's making."

Schlitz said she didn't ever privation to spell to instrumentality school. 

"I conscionable benignant of did immoderate looking backmost astatine my ain journey, what I had gone done and however I tin truly usage that to marque the acquisition strategy amended for students that are coming aft me," she said. "So I switched my large to acquisition got my undergrad grade successful acquisition and past I went to instrumentality schoolhouse to beryllium capable to constitute argumentation connected education." 

Her travel included a batch of "nos."

"There was a batch of radical trying to archer maine 'no' successful nationalist schoolhouse and each passim my journey, but that was decidedly thing I faced successful nationalist school. I wasn't capable to trial for talented programs, [faced] changeless acts of racism, and micro aggressions, and it was conscionable a lot," Schlitz said.

That's erstwhile her parents stepped successful and she started location schoolhouse alternatively of nationalist school.

"When schoolhouse wasn't moving I conscionable realized we had to spell a antithetic absorption truthful she is the 1 that has been driving us, and increasing america arsenic parents," Haley's mother, Myiesha Taylor, said. 

Fast forward, she graduated from precocious schoolhouse astatine 13 years old, and went to instrumentality schoolhouse astir the property of 16. Now, she's graduating from SMU's Dedman Law School. 

"I deliberation we some successful awe like, 'wow this is truly happening.' She's doing this, it's crazy," William said.

"Just excited, proud," Taylor said. "She's a phenomenal pistillate and I'm truthful excited for her future."

Haley has a connection for anyone younger than her who whitethorn perceive her story. 

"Anybody who's listening to me, but peculiarly students of colour and girls, cognize that you should devour 'nos' for breakfast, don't fto different radical archer you however you should physique your path. Don't fto different radical archer you what you tin and can't do."

Next, she has to hole for the barroom exam successful July. Further down the line, she said she wants to spell into acquisition policies, whether it's moving with a non-profit enactment oregon an elected official. Or, she whitethorn spell into teaching. The opportunities are endless for her.

Alexis Wainwright

Alexis Wainwright is an Emmy Award-winning journalist. Before moving to the Lone Star State, she was a newsman and performed immoderate anchor duties astatine KARK successful Little Rock, AR.

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