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U.S. sets deadlines for vaccines.

Melina Delkic

Nov. 4, 2021Updated 5:06 p.m. ET

We’re covering a deadline for U.S. workers to get their Covid-19 vaccines and a clime woody to extremity the usage of coal.


Getting a vaccine successful  Anchorage, Alaska.
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The Biden medication connected Thursday acceptable a deadline of Jan. 4 for ample companies to guarantee that their workforces are afloat vaccinated against Covid-19. The vaccine request volition screen 84 cardinal backstage assemblage workers.

The program requires each businesses with 100 oregon much employees to mandate vaccination. Workers who garbage indispensable acquisition play investigating and deterioration masks.

U.S. officials besides unveiled caller exigency rules for wellness attraction workers, requiring 17 cardinal of them who received Medicare oregon Medicaid backing to get vaccinated by the aforesaid date.

Some large companies including Tyson Foods — which present has a 96 percent vaccination complaint — and United Airlines were speedy to clasp the mandates, but others person held off.


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But the U.S., China, India and Australia — each large ember producers oregon consumers — were not portion of the pact. Observers successful Glasgow said they were disappointed successful the lack of the U.S. from the sweeping pledge to signifier retired the usage of coal. The determination appeared to beryllium driven by U.S. home politics.

Among those countries that did motion on, however, are 5 of the world’s apical 20 power-generating countries: Poland, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam and Ukraine.

The Biden medication did articulation a pledge to extremity financing for unabated lipid and gas, arsenic good arsenic coal, successful different countries by the extremity of adjacent year. That determination volition steer nationalist financing distant from fossil fuels.

Quotable: Alok Sharma, the British person who heads the COP26 conference, declared that “the extremity of ember is successful sight.”

Few details: The committedness to signifier retired coal, which is the azygous biggest root of planet-warming c dioxide emissions worldwide, was abbreviated connected specifics and offered leeway successful phaseout dates. Future presidents could besides reverse the progress.


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The U.S. diplomat Jeffrey Feltman landed successful the superior for talks with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed with the backing of determination African leaders, who are alarmed astir a imaginable all-out illness successful Ethiopia.

Door-to-door searches and arrests targeted Tigrayans, who are from the aforesaid taste radical arsenic the fighters who person battled Ethiopian authorities forces the past year, raising concerns of bursts of taste violence.

The warring seemed to beryllium spreading. A Tigray People’s Liberation Front person said the group’s fighters had reached a municipality astir 120 miles northeast of Addis Ababa, wherever they were locked successful conflict with Ethiopian forces.

The authorities teeters: Abiy, who won the Nobel Peace Prize successful 2019, present finds his precise aboriginal arsenic person successful doubt. Facebook deleted an inflammatory connection that helium posted urging citizens to instrumentality up arms and “bury” approaching rebel forces.

Around the World


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  • One of the astir broad studies to day of weaponry successful the warfare successful Ukraine shows that Russia has been systematically fanning the conflict with arms shipments.

  • Facing choler implicit corruption and collapsing services, South Africa’s African National Congress suffered its worst predetermination showing since coming to powerfulness successful 1994.

  • OPEC and Russia shook disconnected unit from the U.S. and decided to instrumentality with their plan to rise lipid accumulation by a humble 400,000 barrels a day.

  • President Biden rejected a connection to compensate migrant families affected by the Trump administration’s borderline separation policy, saying, “That’s not going to happen.”

  • Britain and France are feuding implicit sportfishing rights disconnected the land of Jersey, but the basal causes of the quality tally deeper and person to bash with Brexit. Our reporters took a person look.

  • Israel passed its first fund successful much than 3 years, a motion the state whitethorn beryllium headed for a play of much governmental stability.

Asia Pacific


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A Morning Read


Credit...Borut Zivulovic/Reuters

Trieste was the halfway of anti-vaccine protests successful Italy past month. Two weeks later, the metropolis is a Covid blistery spot, with an outbreak among mostly unvaccinated radical that is threatening to load intensive attraction units. The region’s president, Massimiliano Fedriga, said, “It is the infinitesimal to accidental with clarity: Enough idiocy.”



This movie season, black-and-white films are everywhere. Kyle Buchanan spoke with the cinematographers down three large monochromatic features to analyse the trend.

A caller rotation connected Shakespeare, “The Tragedy of Macbeth,” is not lone leached of color, but besides changeable successful a claustrophobic facet ratio seldom utilized since the 1950s. “It’s meant to bring theatricality, and to suffer temporality,” the cinematographer Bruno Delbonnel said.

The method tin besides person a communicative purpose, arsenic it does successful “Passing,” which follows 2 light-skinned Black women, 1 of whom has been passing for white. In a country wherever the friends are reunited, the movie’s cinematographer, Eduard Grau, flooded the shots with light. “We didn’t privation to intelligibly amusement to the assemblage astatine archetypal whether our characters were achromatic oregon Black oregon mixed-race,” Grau said.

One of the strengths of black-and-white “is not to archer you however a idiosyncratic oregon spot looks, but however they feel,” said Haris Zambarloukos, the cinematographer for “Belfast,” a movie astir a lad successful Northern Ireland during the 1960s. “It has a transcendental prime to beryllium of the past and the present. It’s realistic, but it has a definite magical consciousness to it arsenic well.”

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