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Election losses permission U.S. Democrats reeling.

Melina Delkic

Nov. 3, 2021Updated 5:25 p.m. ET

We’re covering U.S. predetermination results indicating dissatisfaction with Democrats and a increasing menace from the Islamic State successful Afghanistan.


The Republican campaigner  for politician  successful  Virginia, Glenn Youngkin, aft  winning the race.
Credit...Melissa Lyttle for The New York Times

Virginia has a Republican governor for the archetypal clip successful much than a decennary aft an predetermination connected Tuesday, dimming U.S. Democrats’ hopes for midterm elections.

Another Republican posed an unexpectedly beardown challenge to New Jersey’s incumbent governor, with the contention inactive excessively adjacent to call. New Jersey is usually reliable for Democrats — President Biden won the authorities by a ample borderline successful the statesmanlike election.

Other races remained undecided. In Seattle, if the results clasp for the pb candidate, the metropolis volition person a Republican politician for the archetypal clip successful decades.

The results are being seen arsenic a sign of elector dissatisfaction with Biden up of adjacent year’s midterm elections, erstwhile hundreds of seats successful Congress volition beryllium up for grabs.

Milestones: Michelle Wu, a Democrat, became the archetypal pistillate and the archetypal idiosyncratic of color to beryllium elected politician of Boston. Winsome Sears, a Republican, is the archetypal woman lieutenant politician of Virginia.

Bigger challenges: With the president’s support ratings sagging and Republicans anxious to wrest backmost power of Congress, Biden is facing an uncertain landscape. Democrats are pushing guardant connected a $3 trillion societal information nett and clime alteration bill. But aft the predetermination losses, they are wondering: Will these measures hurt oregon assistance their governmental standing?


Credit...Victor J. Blue for The New York Times

In the 2 months since the Taliban took power of the country, the Islamic State affiliate successful Afghanistan — known arsenic ISIS-K — has stepped up attacks. After spending 20 years warring arsenic an insurgency, the Taliban is present struggling to present connected its promises of instrumentality and order.

Just successful caller weeks, the attacks person killed astatine slightest 90 radical successful cardinal cities similar Kunduz and Kandahar. They person mostly been directed astatine Taliban units and Shiite minorities. Western officials interest that the Islamic State could summation the capableness to onslaught planetary targets successful six to 12 months.

Details: From Sept. 18 to Oct. 28, ISIS-K carried retired astatine slightest 54 attacks — including termination bombings and ambushes connected information checkpoints, according to 1 analysis. That amounted to 1 of the group’s astir progressive and deadly periods.

Taliban weaknesses: Colin Kahl, U.S. nether caput of defence for policy, said that the Taliban’s quality to prosecute ISIS-K “is to beryllium determined.” There is nary longer reliable quality coming from the state aft Taliban officials refused to cooperate with the U.S.


Credit...Demetrius Freeman for The New York Times

The Chinese tennis prima Peng Shuai publically accused a erstwhile vice premier of China of intersexual assault, the archetypal clip a #MeToo allegation has touched the highest levels of Communist Party power.

Peng made the allegation against Zhang Gaoli, who from 2012 to 2017 served connected the party’s Politburo Standing Committee, connected Weibo. She described an battle that began an on-and-off consensual narration with Zhang. In her post, she acknowledged that she would beryllium incapable to nutrient grounds to enactment her accusation.

The station was removed wrong minutes, but screenshots and different references to the allegation dispersed similar wildfire done the country’s internet.

“I cognize that for idiosyncratic of your eminence, Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli, you’ve said that you’re not afraid,” Peng wrote successful her post, “but adjacent if it’s conscionable me, similar an ovum hitting a rock, oregon a moth to the flame, courting self-destruction, I’ll archer the information astir you.”

A first: Chinese authorities person charged authorities officials with intersexual misconduct successful the past, but ne'er earlier has an accusation of intersexual misconduct been leveled publically against arsenic elder a governmental person arsenic Zhang.

Censors scrambling: Searches of Peng’s sanction and adjacent the connection “tennis” appeared to beryllium blocked, reflecting the bonzer sensitivity wrong China toward discussing misconduct allegations against enactment leaders.



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Credit...Finbarr O’Reilly for The New York Times


Credit...Ksenia Kuleshova for The New York Times

Torn from their parents successful Belgian Congo, 5 women calved to African mothers and European fathers are seeking reparations from Belgium. They had kept their childhoods a concealed for decades, adjacent from their ain families. Now successful their 70s, their stories are being told successful a courtroom successful Brussels.

Lives lived: Sunao Tsuboi, who arsenic a 20-year-old survived the atomic blast astatine Hiroshima, and who went connected to give himself to the origin of atomic disarmament, died astatine a infirmary successful Hiroshima. He was 96.


Credit...Netflix, via Associated Press

For decades, South Korea’s large planetary exports were cars and cellphones from companies similar Hyundai and LG, portion its movies, TV shows and euphony were mostly consumed astatine location and successful adjacent regions.

Now K-pop stars similar BTS and Blackpink, the dystopian play “Squid Game” and award-winning films specified arsenic “Parasite” feel arsenic ubiquitous arsenic immoderate Samsung smartphone.

South Korea’s directors and producers accidental they person been studying Hollywood and different amusement hubs for years, adopting and refining formulas by adding distinctly Korean touches.

In the past fewer years alone, South Korea has made its taste people with “Parasite,” the archetypal foreign-language movie to triumph an Oscar for champion picture. It has arguably the biggest set successful the satellite with BTS. Three of Netflix’s 10 astir fashionable shows close present are South Korean.

“When we made ‘Mr. Sunshine,’ ‘Crash Landing connected You’ and ‘Sweet Home,’ we didn’t person a planetary absorption successful mind,” said Jang Young-woo, the manager and shaper who worked connected each 3 deed shows. “We conscionable tried to marque them arsenic absorbing and meaningful arsenic possible. It’s the satellite that has started knowing and identifying with the affectional experiences we person been creating each along.”

The increasing request is inspiring much and much autarkic creators to instrumentality part.

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