Zelensky claims significant gains in northeastern Ukraine as key city retaken

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Rafael Mariano Grossi, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, speaks to the property astatine his edifice earlier leaving to inspect the Zaporizhzhia atomic powerfulness plant successful Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, connected September 1.

Graves of fallen soldiers successful Lychakiv Cemetery, Lviv, arsenic Ukrainians observe Independence Day, and people the six period anniversary of the Russian invasion, connected August 24.

Rockets launched from the Belgorod portion successful Russia are seen astatine dawn successful Kharkiv, Ukraine, connected August 15.

Valentyna Kondratieva, 75, left, is comforted by a neighbour arsenic they basal extracurricular her damaged home, successful Kramatorsk, Ukraine, connected August 13, aft a rocket attack.

The bulk bearer NAVI STAR, transporting a cargo of corn, is seen leaving larboard of Odesa, Ukraine, connected August 5.

Ukrainian State Emergency Service firefighters be to a occurrence astatine an lipid depot successful Mykolaiv, Ukraine, connected August 2.

A firefighter extinguishes a burning infirmary gathering deed by a Russian rocket strike successful Mykolaiv, Ukraine, connected August 1.

Russian tanks adjacent the colony of Olenivka successful the Donetsk region, Ukraine, connected July 29.

Students astatine a subject schoolhouse constitute letters to Ukrainian servicemen during a acquisition successful Kyiv, Ukraine, connected July 27.

Firefighters remainder arsenic their colleagues region debris during the hunt for bodies astatine the Central House of Culture, successful Chuhuiv, Ukraine, aft an aerial onslaught connected July 25.

A antheral holds the manus of his 13 year-old son, killed by a Russian subject strike, successful Kharkiv, Ukraine, connected July 20.

Ukrainian work members occurrence a ammunition from a towed howitzer FH-70 astatine the beforehand enactment successful the Donbas region, Ukraine, connected July 18.

Local residents look connected arsenic fume rises aft shelling successful Donetsk, Ukraine, connected July 7.

A wounded pistillate is transported to an ambulance successful Kramatorsk, Ukraine, connected July 7.

A husbandman drives a harvester harvester past a crater suspected to beryllium caused by an aerial onslaught adjacent Kramatorsk, Ukraine, connected July 7.

A Ukrainian worker with the 14th Mechanized Brigade of Prince Roman the Great works successful his vessel arsenic the portion awaits their adjacent ngo connected July 1.

People be a ceremonial ceremonial for Ukrainian serviceman Volodymyr Kochetov, 46, successful the colony of Babyntsi, Ukraine, connected June 30.

Firefighters wide rubble astatine the Amstor buying promenade successful Kremenchuk, Poltava Oblast, Ukraine, connected June 28.

Ukrainian State Emergency Service firefighters enactment to instrumentality distant debris astatine a buying promenade aft a rocket onslaught successful Kremenchuk, Ukraine, connected June 28.

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky attends a moving session of G7 leaders via video nexus from his bureau successful Kyiv, Ukraine, connected Monday June 27.

An flat gathering successful the Shevchenkivskiy territory of Kyiv, Ukraine, is damaged during a Russian airstrike, connected June 26. Several explosions rocked the westbound of the Ukrainian superior successful the aboriginal hours of Sunday morning, with astatine slightest 2 residential buildings struck, according to Kyiv politician Vitali Klitschko.

Ukrainian work members patrol an country successful the metropolis of Severodonetsk, Ukraine, connected June 20.

People airy flares successful representation of the Ukrainian activistic Roman Ratushnyi during a farewell ceremonial astatine Baikove cemetery, Kyiv, Ukraine, connected June 18.

Young people plaything successful beforehand of destroyed residential buildings successful Borodyanka, Ukraine, connected June 15.

A Ukrainian weaponry disposal adept looks astatine an ordnance ammunition during a excavation clearance cognition successful Solonytsivka, adjacent Kharkiv, Ukraine, connected June 15.

Ukrainian servicemen occurrence a French 155mm CAESAR self-propelled howitzer towards Russian positions successful the eastbound Ukrainian portion of Donbas connected June 15.

A forensic technician inspects a mass grave adjacent the colony of Vorzel successful the Bucha territory adjacent Kyiv, Ukraine, connected June 13.

Russian servicemen defender an country of the Azovstal alloy works successful Mariupol, Ukraine, connected June 13.

Local residents locomotion on an bare thoroughfare arsenic fume rises successful the inheritance successful the municipality of Lysychansk, Ukraine, connected June 10.

Ukrainian troops occurrence surface-to-surface rockets from MLRS towards Russian positions astatine the beforehand enactment successful the eastbound Ukrainian portion of Donbas connected June 7.

A Ukrainian worker holds a adjacent procreation airy anti-tank limb (NLAW) astatine a presumption connected the beforehand enactment adjacent Bakhmut successful the Donbas portion of Ukraine connected June 5.

U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink, left, listens to Ukraine's Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktov during a circuit of Borodyanka, Ukraine, connected June 4.

Local residents analyse a destroyed Russian vessel extracurricular of Kyiv, Ukraine, connected Tuesday, May 31. It has present been 100 days since Russia invaded.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, 3rd from left, visits front-line positions during a travel to the Kharkiv portion connected Sunday, May 29.

Russian worker Vadim Shishimarin, 21, is sentenced to life successful situation by a Ukrainian tribunal successful Kyiv connected May 23. He was convicted of sidesplitting an unarmed civilian. It was the archetypal warfare crimes proceedings arising from Russia's invasion.

Buses with Ukrainian servicemen evacuated from the Azovstal alloy plant hold adjacent a situation successful Olyonivka connected May 17. The alloy works was the past holdout successful Mariupol, a metropolis that had go a awesome of Ukrainian absorption nether relentless Russian bombardment.

Ukrainian servicemen occurrence mortars toward Russian positions successful the eastbound Kharkiv portion of Ukraine connected May 17.

A pistillate named Tatyana searches for her husband's sedate successful the colony of Staryi Krym, extracurricular Mariupol, connected May 15.

Ukrainian work unit enactment wrong a basement utilized arsenic a bid station successful the Kharkiv portion connected May 15.

Grieving relatives be the ceremonial of Pankratov Oleksandr, a Ukrainian subject serviceman, successful Lviv, Ukraine, connected May 14.

Ukrainian radical evacuated from Mariupol get connected buses astatine a registration and processing country for internally displaced people successful Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, connected May 8.

Ukrainian serviceman and exigency workers transportation the assemblage of a Russian worker into a refrigerated bid successful Kharkiv connected May 5. The bodies of much than 40 Russian soldiers were being stored successful the refrigerated car.

Smoke rises from the Azovstal alloy works successful Mariupol connected May 5.

Ukrainian soldiers wide mines astatine the Antonov Airport in Hostomel, Ukraine, connected May 5.

Vehicles are connected fire astatine an lipid depot in Makiivka, Ukraine, aft missiles struck a installation successful an country controlled by Russian-backed separatist forces connected May 4.

Natalia Pototska cries adjacent to her grandson Matviy arsenic they get astatine a halfway for displaced radical successful Zaporizhzhia connected May 2.

Pro-Russian troops basal defender adjacent to a autobus transporting evacuees adjacent a impermanent accommodation halfway successful the Ukrainian colony of Bezimenne connected May 1.

A antheral stands connected the balcony of his flat aft a rocket onslaught damaged a residential gathering successful Ukraine's Donetsk portion connected April 30.

A pistillate walks done the tract of an detonation successful Kyiv connected April 29. Russia struck the Ukrainian capital soon aft a gathering betwixt Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and UN Secretary-General António Guterres.

Guterres speaks during his gathering with Zelensky connected April 28.

A squad subordinate with the International Atomic Energy Agency arrives astatine the Chernobyl atomic powerfulness works successful Chernobyl, Ukraine, connected April 26. Russian forces withdrew from Chernobyl, the tract of the world's worst atomic disaster, successful March.

Maria, 13, holds a photograph of her father, Yurii Alekseev, arsenic she and her godfather, Igor Tarkovskii, be Alekseev's ceremonial successful Bucha, Ukraine, connected April 26. Alekseev, 50, was a territorial defence subordinate who was killed by Russian soldiers, according to his family.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin attend a meeting successful Kyiv with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky connected April 24.

A mates looks astatine a memorial partition successful Lviv connected April 24. The partition shows Ukrainian civilians who person been killed during the Russian invasion.

People commune during an Easter religion work astatine St. Michael's Cathedral successful Kyiv connected April 24.

Women locomotion betwixt sandbags and anti-tank barricades successful Zhytomyr, Ukraine, to be a blessing of accepted Easter nutrient baskets connected April 23.

Members of the Ukrainian Red Cross speech earlier moving an aged pistillate to an ambulance successful a bunker nether a mill successful Severodonetsk, Ukraine, connected April 22.

A pistillate who precocious evacuated Mariupol cries aft arriving astatine a registration halfway for internally displaced radical successful Zaporizhzhia connected April 21.

Vova, 10, looks astatine the assemblage of his mother, Maryna, lying successful a coffin arsenic his father, Ivan, prays during her ceremonial successful Bucha connected April 20. She died during Russia's concern of the city, arsenic the household sheltered successful a acold basement for much than a month.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, right, speaks with European Council President Charles Michel during a gathering successful Kyiv connected April 20.

A Ukrainian serviceman stands adjacent to a aggregate rocket-launch strategy successful the Kharkiv portion of Ukraine connected April 20.

Firefighters enactment successful Lviv aft a civilian gathering was deed by a Russian rocket connected April 18.

Smoke rises supra Mariupol connected April 18.

Women cleanable wrong a damaged gathering astatine the Vizar institution military-industrial analyzable successful Vyshneve, Ukraine, connected April 15. The site, connected the outskirts of Kyiv, was deed by Russian strikes.

Firefighters enactment astatine a burning gathering successful Kharkiv pursuing a rocket onslaught adjacent the Kharkiv International Airport connected April 12.

Mourners respond successful Stebnyk, Ukraine, during the ceremonial ceremonial of Ukrainian serviceman Roman Tiaka. Tiaka was 47.

Ukrainian forces occurrence rockets toward Russian positions successful Ukraine's Donbas portion connected April 10.

A antheral works to catalog immoderate of the bodies of civilians who were killed successful and astir Bucha. Shocking images showing the bodies of civilians scattered crossed the suburb of Kyiv sparked planetary outrage and raised the urgency of ongoing investigations into alleged Russian warfare crimes. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called connected Russian leaders to beryllium held accountable for the actions of the nation's military. The Russian Ministry of Defense, without evidence, claimed the extended footage of Bucha was "fake."

Search-and-rescue teams region debris aft the Ukrainian service regained power of Borodianka, Ukraine, connected April 6.

People hold to committee a bid arsenic they fly Kramatorsk, Ukraine, connected April 5.

Destruction is seen successful Borodianka connected April 5. Borodianka was location to 13,000 radical earlier the war, but astir fled aft Russia's invasion. What was near of the town, aft aggravated shelling and devastating airstrikes, was past occupied by Russian forces.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky speaks to the media astir the alleged atrocities successful Bucha connected April 4. "It's precise hard to negociate erstwhile you spot what (the Russians) person done here," Zelensky emphasized arsenic helium stood successful the town, surrounded by security.

Anna Zhelisko touches the casket of her grandson, Ukrainian worker Dmitry Zhelisko, arsenic it arrives for his ceremonial successful Chervonohrad, Ukraine, connected April 3. He died warring the Russian service adjacent Kharkiv.

Smoke rises implicit Odesa, Ukraine, connected April 3. The Russian defence ministry confirmed a strike connected an lipid refinery and substance retention facilities successful the larboard city.

Bodies prevarication connected a thoroughfare successful Bucha connected April 2. Images captured by Agence France-Presse showed astatine slightest 20 civilian men dead.

A Ukrainian serviceman stands with a handcuffed Russian worker successful Kharkiv connected March 31.

A outer representation shows a shelled warehouse that was being utilized by the Red Cross successful Mariupol connected March 29.

Russian and Ukrainian delegations meet successful Istanbul for talks connected March 29. Russia said it would "drastically reduce" its subject battle connected the Ukrainian cities of Kyiv and Chernihiv. The announcement came aft Ukrainian and Western quality assessments precocious suggested that Russia's beforehand connected Kyiv was stalling. The talks besides covered different important issues, including the aboriginal of the eastbound Donbas region, the destiny of Crimea, a wide confederation of information guarantors and a imaginable gathering betwixt Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

A pistillate named Julia cries adjacent to her 6-year-old daughter, Veronika, portion talking to the property successful Brovary, Ukraine, connected March 29.

The determination authorities office of Mykolaiv, Ukraine, is damaged following a Russian attack connected March 29. At slightest 9 radical were killed, according to the Mykolaiv determination media office's Telegram channel.

An armored convoy of pro-Russian troops question connected a roadworthy starring to Mariupol connected March 28.

A unpaid weaves a bulletproof vest successful Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, connected March 28.

A pistillate lights a candle during the Sunday work astatine a monastery successful Odesa connected March 27.

A Ukrainian serviceman stands successful a heavy damaged gathering successful Stoyanka, Ukraine, connected March 27.

Orphaned children question by bid aft fleeing the Russian-controlled municipality of Polohy, Ukraine, connected March 26.

A antheral recovers items from a burning store pursuing a Russian onslaught successful Kharkiv connected March 25.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addresses satellite leaders via video astatine the NATO acme successful Brussels, Belgium, connected March 24. Zelensky stopped abbreviated of issuing his accustomed petition for a no-fly zone, but helium did accidental Ukraine needs combatant jets, tanks and amended aerial defenses.

A kid holds a Ukrainian emblem successful beforehand of the Taras Shevchenko monument arsenic members of the Ukrainian National Guard set execute successful Lviv connected March 24.

A firefighter sprays h2o wrong a location that was destroyed by shelling successful Kyiv connected March 23.

Svetlana Ilyuhina looks astatine the wreckage of her location successful Kyiv pursuing a Russian rocket onslaught connected March 23. "First determination was smoke, and past everything went black," she said.

Pictures prevarication amid the rubble of a location successful Kyiv connected March 23.

A pistillate cleans up a country March 21 successful a gathering that was damaged by bombing successful Kyiv.

The Retroville buying promenade is seen successful Kyiv aft Russian shelling connected March 21.

People stock meal and sing "Happy Birthday" during a solemnisation successful Kyiv connected March 20. This workplace abstraction has turned into a weaponry structure for astir 25 artists who are volunteering to assistance the warfare effort.

Former Ukrainian Parliament subordinate Tetiana Chornovol, present a work subordinate and relation of an anti-tank guided rocket system, examines a Russian vessel she destroyed successful a caller conflict successful the Kyiv region.

A Ukrainian serviceman stands among debris aft shelling successful a residential country successful Kyiv connected March 18.

US President Joe Biden holds a virtual gathering with Chinese President Xi Jinping successful this photograph that was released by the White House connected March 18. Biden sought to usage the 110-minute call to dissuade Xi from assisting Russia successful its warfare connected Ukraine.

Staff members be to a kid astatine a children's infirmary successful Zaporizhzhia connected March 18.

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a rally astatine a stadium successful Moscow connected March 18. Speaking from a signifier successful beforehand of a banner that work "for a satellite without Nazism," Putin said Russia "will decidedly instrumentality each our plans" successful Ukraine. He insisted that nationalist unity was the strongest successful a agelong time, adjacent arsenic galore radical fly Russia oregon protestation against warfare successful the streets. State workers were told by authorities to be the celebration, which commemorated the eighth twelvemonth of Russia's annexation of Crimea.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky receives a lasting ovation arsenic helium virtually addresses the US Congress connected March 16. The historical speech occurred arsenic the United States is nether unit to supply much subject assistance to the embattled country.

An aged pistillate is helped by constabulary officers aft she was rescued from an flat that was deed by shelling successful Kyiv connected March 15.

Firefighters enactment to extinguish flames astatine an flat gathering successful Kyiv connected March 15.

Military cadets be a ceremonial ceremonial astatine a religion successful Lviv connected March 15. The ceremonial was for 4 of the Ukrainian servicemen who were killed during an airstrike connected the Yavoriv subject base adjacent the Polish border. Local authorities accidental 35 radical were killed.

A pistillate walks past a damaged model to laic flowers astatine a makeshift memorial for victims successful Donetsk, Ukraine, connected March 15.

Ukrainian soldiers instrumentality screen from incoming artillery occurrence successful Irpin, Ukraine, connected March 13.

A Ukrainian worker surveys a destroyed authorities gathering successful Kharkiv connected March 13.

A parent and lad remainder successful Lviv, Ukraine, portion waiting to committee a bid to Poland connected March 12.

An detonation is seen astatine an flat gathering successful Mariupol connected March 11. The metropolis successful southeastern Ukraine has been besieged by Russian forces.

People wage their respects during a ceremonial service for 3 Ukrainian soldiers successful Lviv connected March 11. Senior Soldier Andrii Stefanyshyn, 39; Senior Lt. Taras Didukh, 25; and Sgt. Dmytro Kabakov, 58, were laid to remainder astatine the Saints Peter and Paul Garrison Church. Even successful this ineffable space, the sounds of warfare intruded: an aerial raid siren audible nether the dependable of supplication and weeping. Yet nary 1 stirred. Residents are present inured to the near-daily warnings of an aerial attack.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov gives a quality league aft gathering with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba successful Antalya, Turkey, connected March 10. Two weeks into Russia's penetration of Ukraine, Lavrov falsely claimed that his state "did not attack" its neighbor.

A nonmigratory takes structure successful a basement successful Irpin connected March 10. Due to dense fighting, Irpin has been without heat, h2o oregon energy for respective days.

Dead bodies are placed into a wide sedate connected the outskirts of Mariupol connected March 9. With overflowing morgues and repeated shelling, the metropolis has been unable to clasp due burials.

Cars thrust past a destroyed Russian vessel arsenic civilians permission Irpin connected March 9. A Ukrainian authoritative said lines of vehicles stretched for miles arsenic radical tried to flight warring successful districts to the northbound and northwest of Kyiv.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is displayed connected a surface arsenic helium addresses British lawmakers via video connected March 8. "We volition not springiness up and we volition not lose. We volition combat until the extremity astatine sea, successful the air. We volition proceed warring for our land, immoderate the cost," helium said successful his comments translated by an interpreter. The House of Commons gave Zelensky a lasting ovation astatine the extremity of his address.

A firefighter works to extinguish flames aft a chemic warehouse was reportedly deed by Russian shelling adjacent Kalynivka, Ukraine, connected March 8.

Members of the Red Cross assistance radical fleeing the Kyiv suburb of Irpin connected March 7.

The dormant bodies of civilians killed portion trying to fly are covered by sheets successful Irpin connected March 6. CNN determined they were killed successful a Russian subject strike.

Civilians question extortion successful a basement weaponry structure successful Kyiv connected March 6.

Local residents assistance wide the rubble of a location that was destroyed by a suspected Russian airstrike successful Markhalivka, Ukraine, connected March 5.

George Keburia says goodbye to his woman and children arsenic they committee a bid successful Odesa connected March 5. They were heading to Lviv.

Ukrainian officials accidental respective radical were injured successful a Russian rocket attack connected Kyiv connected Thursday, April 28, which occurred arsenic the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres was finishing a sojourn to the Ukrainian capital.

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskiy welcomes UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres earlier their meeting, successful Kyiv, connected April 28.

A statue is covered successful Lviv connected March 5. Residents wrapped statues successful protective sheets to effort to safeguard historical monuments crossed the city.

Ukrainians assemblage nether a destroyed span arsenic they effort to fly crossed the Irpin River connected the outskirts of Kyiv connected March 5.

Marina Yatsko runs down her boyfriend, Fedor, arsenic they get astatine the infirmary with her 18-month-old son, Kirill, who was wounded by shelling successful Mariupol connected March 4. Medical workers frantically tried to prevention the boy's life, but helium didn't survive.

People region idiosyncratic belongings from a burning location aft shelling successful Irpin connected March 4.

Oksana and her lad Dmytro basal implicit the unfastened casket of her husband, Volodymyr Nezhenets, during his ceremonial successful Kyiv connected March 4. According to the Washington Post, helium was a subordinate of Ukraine's Territorial Defense Forces, which is comprised mostly of volunteers.

People assemblage connected a level arsenic they effort to committee a westbound bid successful Kyiv connected March 4.

A bullet-ridden autobus is seen aft an ambush successful Kyiv connected March 4.

People instrumentality structure connected the level of a infirmary during shelling successful Mariupol connected March 4.

A subordinate of the Ukrainian subject gives instructions to civilians successful Irpin connected March 4. They were astir to committee an evacuation bid headed to Kyiv.

A Ukrainian kid rests connected a furniture astatine a impermanent exile halfway successful Záhony, Hungary, connected March 4.

Leos Leonid recovers astatine a infirmary successful Kyiv connected March 3. The 64-year-old survived being crushed erstwhile an armored conveyance drove implicit his car. Video of the incident was wide shared connected societal media.

A Ukrainian worker carries a babe crossed a destroyed span connected the outskirts of Kyiv connected March 3.

Residents respond successful beforehand of a burning gathering aft shelling successful Kharkiv connected March 3.

A Ukrainian worker who says helium was changeable 3 times successful the opening days of the penetration sits connected a infirmary furniture successful Kyiv connected March 3.

People signifier a quality concatenation to transportation supplies into Kyiv connected March 3.

A cemetery idiosyncratic digs graves for Ukrainian soldiers successful Kyiv connected March 3.

A parent cares for her 2 babe sons successful the underground structure of a maternity infirmary successful Kyiv connected March 3. She gave commencement a time earlier, and she and her hubby haven't yet decided connected names for the twins.

A subordinate of Ukraine's Territorial Defense Forces sits with a limb successful Kyiv connected March 2.

Paramedics dainty an aged pistillate wounded by shelling earlier transferring her to a infirmary successful Mariupol connected March 2.

Residents of Zhytomyr enactment successful the remains of a residential gathering connected March 2. The gathering was destroyed by shelling.

A subordinate of Ukraine's Territorial Defense Forces inspects harm successful the backyard of a location successful Gorenka connected March 2.

A Ukrainian pistillate takes her children implicit the borderline successful Siret, Romania, connected March 2. Many Ukrainians are fleeing the state astatine a gait that could crook into "Europe's largest exile situation this century," the United Nations Refugee Agency said.

Militia members acceptable up anti-tank barricades successful Kyiv connected March 2.

People hold astatine a bid presumption successful Kyiv connected March 2.

People structure successful a subway presumption successful Kyiv connected March 2.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky poses for a representation successful a Kyiv bunker aft an exclusive interrogation with CNN and Reuters connected March 1. Zelensky said that arsenic agelong arsenic Moscow's attacks connected Ukrainian cities continued, small advancement could beryllium made successful talks betwixt the 2 nations. "It's important to halt bombing people, and past we tin determination connected and beryllium astatine the dialog table," helium said.

An detonation is seen astatine a TV operation successful Kyiv connected March 1. Russian forces fired rockets adjacent the operation and struck a Holocaust memorial tract successful Kyiv hours aft informing of "high-precision" strikes connected different facilities linked to Ukrainian information agencies.

Ukrainian soldiers be Mass astatine an Orthodox monastery successful Kyiv connected March 1.

Medical workers amusement a parent her newborn aft she gave commencement astatine a maternity infirmary successful Mariupol connected March 1. The infirmary is present besides utilized arsenic a aesculapian ward and weaponry shelter.

An administrative gathering is seen successful Kharkiv aft Russian shelling connected March 1. Russian forces person scaled up their bombardment of Kharkiv, Ukraine's second-largest city.

Ukrainian exigency workers transportation a assemblage of a unfortunate pursuing shelling that deed the City Hall gathering successful Kharkiv connected March 1.

A pistillate named Helen comforts her 8-year-old daughter, Polina, successful the weaponry structure of a Kyiv children's infirmary connected March 1. The miss was astatine the infirmary being treated for encephalitis, oregon inflammation of the brain.

Ukrainian refugees effort to enactment lukewarm astatine the Medyka borderline crossing successful Poland connected March 1.

Volunteers successful Kyiv motion up to articulation Ukraine's Territorial Defense Forces connected February 28.

A subordinate of the Territorial Defense Forces loads firearm magazines successful Kyiv connected February 28.

Delegations from Russia and Ukraine hold talks successful Belarus connected February 28. Both sides discussed a imaginable "ceasefire and the extremity of combat actions connected the territory of Ukraine," Ukrainian statesmanlike advisor Mikhaylo Podolyak told reporters. Without going into detail, Podolyak said that some sides would instrumentality to their capitals for consultations implicit whether to instrumentality a fig of "decisions."

A displaced Ukrainian cradles her kid astatine a impermanent structure acceptable up wrong a gymnasium successful Beregsurány, Hungary, connected February 28.

Ukrainian forces bid a antheral to the crushed connected February 28 arsenic they accrued information measures amid Russian attacks successful Kyiv.

Smoke billows implicit the Ukrainian metropolis of Vasylkiv, conscionable extracurricular Kyiv connected February 27. A occurrence astatine an lipid retention country was seen raging astatine the Vasylkiv Air Base.

People hold connected a level wrong the railway presumption successful Lviv connected February 27. Thousands of radical astatine Lviv's main bid presumption attempted to committee trains that would instrumentality them retired of Ukraine.

A Russian armored conveyance burns aft warring successful Kharkiv connected February 27. Street warring broke retired arsenic Russian troops entered Ukraine's second-largest city, and residents were urged to enactment successful shelters and not travel.

Local residents hole Molotov cocktails successful Uzhhorod, Ukraine, connected February 27.

Cars enactment up connected the roadworthy extracurricular Mostyska, Ukraine, arsenic radical effort to fly to Poland connected February 27.

Ukrainian troops successful Kyiv escort a captive February 27 who they suspected of being a Russian agent.

Ukrainian work members instrumentality presumption astatine the Vasylkiv Air Base adjacent Kyiv connected February 27.

A pistillate sleeps connected chairs February 27 successful the underground parking batch of a Kyiv edifice that has been turned into a weaponry shelter.

An flat gathering successful Kyiv is seen aft it was damaged by shelling connected February 26. The outer walls of respective flat units appeared to beryllium blown retired entirely, with the interiors blackened and debris hanging loose.

A constabulary conveyance patrols the streets of Kyiv connected February 26.

Following a nationalist directive to assistance complicate the invading Russian Army's attempts to navigate, a roadworthy idiosyncratic removes signs adjacent Pisarivka, Ukraine, connected February 26.

A antheral kneels successful beforehand of a Russian vessel successful Bakhmach, Ukraine, connected February 26 arsenic Ukrainian citizens attempted to halt the vessel from moving forward. The melodramatic scene was captured connected video, and CNN confirmed its authenticity. The infinitesimal drew comparisons to the iconic "Tank Man" of Tiananmen Square.

People successful Kyiv committee a bid heading to the westbound of the state connected February 26. Kelly Clements, the United Nations Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees, told CNN that much than 120,000 radical had near Ukraine portion 850,000 were internally displaced.

Ukrainian work members look for and cod unexploded shells aft warring successful Kyiv connected February 26.

Smoke and flames are seen adjacent Kyiv connected February 26. Explosions were seen and heard successful parts of the superior arsenic Ukrainians battled to clasp backmost advancing Russian troops.

The assemblage of a Russian worker lies adjacent to a Russian conveyance extracurricular Kharkiv connected February 25.

Newly joined couple Yaryna Arieva and Sviatoslav Fursin airs for photograph successful Kyiv connected February 25 aft they joined the Territorial Defense Forces.

Members of the Ukrainian National Guard instrumentality positions successful cardinal Kyiv connected February 25.

People locomotion past a residential gathering successful Kyiv that was deed successful an alleged Russian airstrike connected February 25.

The assemblage of a schoolhouse employee, who according to locals was killed successful caller shelling, lies successful the separatist-controlled municipality of Horlivka successful Ukraine's Donetsk portion connected February 25.

Kyiv residents instrumentality structure successful an underground parking store connected February 25.

The assemblage of a rocket remains successful an flat aft shelling connected the bluish outskirts of Kharkiv connected February 24.

A wounded pistillate stands extracurricular a infirmary aft an onslaught connected the eastbound Ukrainian municipality of Chuhuiv, extracurricular of Kharkiv, connected February 24.

A lad plays with his tablet successful a nationalist basement utilized arsenic a weaponry structure successful Kyiv connected February 24.

Sviatoslav Fursin, left, and Yaryna Arieva kneel during their wedding ceremony astatine the St. Michael's Cathedral successful Kyiv connected February 24. They had planned connected getting joined successful May, but they rushed to necktie the knot owed to the attacks by Russian forces. "We possibly tin die, and we conscionable wanted to beryllium unneurotic earlier each of that," Arieva said.

Ukrainian work members beryllium atop armored vehicles driving successful eastbound Ukraine's Donetsk portion connected February 24.

People successful Kyiv effort to committee a autobus to question westbound toward Poland connected February 24.

US President Joe Biden arrives successful the East Room of the White House to address the Russian invasion connected February 24. "Putin is the aggressor. Putin chose this war. And present helium and his state volition carnivore the consequences," Biden said, laying retired a acceptable of measures that volition "impose terrible outgo connected the Russian economy, some instantly and implicit time."

Smoke rises from a subject airdrome successful Chuhuiv connected February 24. Airports were besides hit successful Boryspil, Kharkiv, Ozerne, Kulbakino, Kramatorsk and Chornobaivka.

People question structure wrong a subway presumption successful Kharkiv connected February 24.

Russian subject vehicles are seen astatine the Chernobyl powerfulness works adjacent Pripyat, Ukraine, connected February 24. Russian forces seized power of the the plant, the tract of the world's worst atomic disaster.

People hold aft boarding a autobus to permission Kyiv connected February 24.

Ukrainian President Zelensky holds an exigency gathering successful Kyiv connected February 24. In a video address, Zelensky announced that helium was introducing martial law. He urged radical to stay calm.

Police officers inspect the remains of a rocket that landed successful Kyiv connected February 24.

A unit subordinate of a Kyiv edifice talks connected the telephone connected February 24.

Smoke rises from an aerial defence basal aft an evident Russian onslaught successful Mariupol connected February 24. A CNN squad successful Mariupol reported proceeding a barrage of artillery.

People hold successful enactment to bargain bid tickets astatine the cardinal presumption successful Kyiv connected February 24.

A agelong enactment of cars is seen exiting Kyiv connected February 24. Heavy postulation appeared to beryllium heading west, distant from wherever explosions were heard aboriginal successful the morning.

A photograph provided by the Ukrainian President's bureau appears to amusement an detonation successful Kyiv aboriginal connected February 24.

People successful Moscow ticker a televised code by Russian President Vladimir Putin arsenic helium announces a subject operation successful the Donbas portion of eastbound Ukraine connected February 24. "Whoever tries to interfere with us, and adjacent much truthful to make threats to our country, to our people, should cognize that Russia's effect volition beryllium contiguous and volition pb you to specified consequences arsenic you person ne'er experienced successful your history," helium said.

An exigency gathering of the UN Security Council is held successful New York to sermon the situation connected February 23. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres told Russian President Vladimir Putin to halt "attacking Ukraine" and to springiness bid a chance.

A convoy of Russian subject vehicles is seen February 23 successful the Rostov portion of Russia, which runs on Ukraine's eastbound border.

Ukrainian soldiers speech successful a structure astatine the beforehand enactment adjacent Svitlodarsk, Ukraine, connected February 23.

Smoke rises from a damaged powerfulness works successful Shchastya that Ukrainian authorities accidental was deed by shelling connected February 22.

A damaged location is worked connected aft shelling adjacent the Ukrainian front-line metropolis of Novoluhanske connected February 22.

Mourners stitchery astatine a religion successful Kyiv connected February 22 for the ceremonial of Ukrainian Army Capt. Anton Sydorov. The Ukrainian subject said helium was killed by a shrapnel wound connected February 19 aft respective rounds of artillery occurrence were directed astatine Ukrainian positions adjacent Myronivske.

A motion displays conversion rates astatine a currency speech kiosk successful Kyiv connected February 22. Global markets tumbled the time aft Putin ordered troops into parts of eastbound Ukraine.

Russian howitzers are loaded onto bid cars adjacent Taganrog, Russia, connected February 22.

People who near a separatist-held portion successful eastbound Ukraine ticker an code by Putin from their edifice country successful Taganrog, Russia, connected February 21. Putin blasted Kyiv's increasing information ties with the West, and successful lengthy remarks astir the past of the USSR and the enactment of the Ukrainian Socialist Soviet Republic, helium appeared to formed uncertainty connected Ukraine's close to self-determination.

Putin signs decrees recognizing the Donetsk People's Republic and the Luhansk People's Republic successful a ceremonial successful Moscow connected February 21. Earlier successful the day, the heads of the self-proclaimed pro-Russian republics requested the Kremlin person admit their independency and sovereignty. Members of Putin's Security Council supported the inaugural successful a gathering earlier successful the day.

Protesters demanding economical sanctions against Russia basal extracurricular the Ministry of Foreign Affairs successful Kyiv connected February 21. Only a tiny fig of protesters showed up to demonstrate.

Activists clasp a show successful beforehand of the Russian embassy successful Kyiv connected February 21 successful enactment of prisoners who were arrested successful Crimea. They accidental the reddish doors are a awesome of the doors that were kicked successful to hunt and apprehension Crimean Tatars, a Muslim taste minority.

Ukrainian servicemen store successful the front-line municipality of Avdiivka, Ukraine, connected February 21.

People laic flowers astatine the Motherland Monument successful Kyiv connected February 21.

A mates arrives astatine the metropolis assembly to get joined successful Odesa connected February 20. As Ukrainian authorities reported further ceasefire violations and apical Western officials warned astir an impending conflict, beingness went connected successful different parts of the country.

Ukrainian Interior Minister Denys Monastyrskiy, left, visits soldiers astatine a front-line presumption successful Novoluhanske connected February 19. Minutes aft helium left, the presumption came nether fire. No 1 was injured.

A pistillate rests successful a car adjacent a borderline checkpoint successful Avilo-Uspenka, Russia, connected February 19.

A Ukrainian work subordinate walks by a gathering connected February 19 that was deed by mortar occurrence successful the front-line colony of Krymske, Ukraine.

Fighter jets alert implicit Belarus during a associated subject workout the state held with Russia connected February 19.

Ukrainian soldiers basal defender astatine a subject bid halfway successful Novoluhanske connected February 19.

People beryllium connected a autobus successful Donetsk connected February 18 aft they were ordered to evacuate to Russia by pro-Russian separatists.

The remains of a subject conveyance are seen successful a parking batch extracurricular a authorities gathering pursuing an detonation successful Donetsk connected February 18. Ukrainian and US officials said the conveyance detonation was a staged attack designed to stoke tensions successful eastbound Ukraine.

A memorial work and candlelight vigil is held astatine the St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery successful Kyiv connected February 18. They honored those who died successful 2014 portion protesting against the authorities of President Viktor Yanukovych, a pro-Russian person who aboriginal fled the country.

A kindergarten that officials accidental was damaged by shelling is seen successful Stanytsia Luhanska, Ukraine, connected February 17. No lives were lost, but it was a stark reminder of the stakes for radical surviving adjacent the beforehand lines that abstracted Ukrainian authorities forces from Russian-backed separatists.

Children play connected aged Soviet tanks successful beforehand of the Motherland Monument successful Kyiv connected February 16.

Ambassadors of European countries laic roses astatine the Wall of Remembrance successful Kyiv connected February 16. The partition contains the names and photographs of subject members who person died since the struggle with Russian-backed separatists began successful 2014.

US troops locomotion connected the tarmac astatine the Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport successful southeastern Poland connected February 16. US paratroopers landed successful Poland arsenic portion of a deployment of respective 1000 sent to bolster NATO's eastbound flank successful effect to tensions with Russia.

A 200-meter-long Ukrainian emblem is unfolded astatine the Olympic Stadium successful Kyiv connected February 16 to people a "Day of Unity," an impromptu solemnisation declared by President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Travelers hold successful enactment to cheque successful to their departing flights February 15 astatine the Boryspil International Airport extracurricular Kyiv. US President Joe Biden urged Americans successful Ukraine to permission the country, informing that "things could spell brainsick quickly" successful the region.

A determination of Oschadbank, a state-owned bank, is seen successful Kyiv connected February 15. The websites of Oschadbank and PrivatBank, the country's 2 largest banks, were deed by cyberattacks that day, arsenic were the websites of Ukraine's defence ministry and army, according to Ukrainian authorities agencies.

A pistillate and kid locomotion underneath a subject monument successful Senkivka, Ukraine, connected February 14. It's connected the outskirts of the Three Sisters borderline crossing betwixt Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

Ukrainian work members speech astatine a front-line presumption successful eastbound Ukraine connected February 14.

Members of Ukraine's National Guard look retired a model arsenic they thrust a autobus done the superior of Kyiv connected February 14.

Satellite images taken connected February 13 by Maxar Technologies revealed that dozens of helicopters had appeared astatine a antecedently vacant airbase successful Russian-occupied Crimea.

Pro-Russian separatists observe the question of Ukrainian troops from trenches successful Ukraine's Donbas country connected February 11.

Ukrainian work members unpack Javelin anti-tank missiles that were delivered to Kyiv connected February 10 arsenic portion of a US subject enactment bundle for Ukraine.

Ukrainian work members locomotion connected an armored warring conveyance during a grooming workout successful eastbound Ukraine's Donetsk portion connected February 10.

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