Zoo Atlanta closing early because of extreme heat

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(CNN) — High vigor indexes are forcing 1 of Atlanta's large attractions to marque adjustments to its schedule.

Zoo Atlanta closed aboriginal connected Wednesday and volition adjacent aboriginal again connected Thursday due to the fact that of highly precocious vigor indexes, the zoo announced connected its website.

The grounds adjacent astatine 2:30 p.m. The zoo usually closes astatine 5 p.m. connected weekdays.

Temperatures successful Atlanta connected Wednesday were expected to scope a precocious of 99 degrees Fahrenheit (about 37 degrees Celsius) with a vigor scale of 100, according to CNN Weather's Taylor Ward.

The zoo houses a assortment of species, including endangered animals, and is 1 of the fewer zoos successful the federation to person elephantine pandas.

All of the animals person somesthesia guidelines with assorted accommodations disposable to them erstwhile temperatures rise, Rachel Davis, the zoo's manager of communications, told CNN.

Some of the animals person entree to climate-controlled indoor areas, portion others person entree to shadiness and h2o features, according to Davis. Some animals, including the gorillas, get to bask frozen effect foodstuff treats.

The Animal Care Teams astatine the zoo "monitor and cheque successful connected each carnal habitats astatine aggregate times passim the day," said Davis. "Animal attraction and well-being are a regular fig 1 precedence careless of the beingness of visitors oregon of the zoo's hours of operation."

People successful the country tin find alleviation astatine the cooling centers opened by the metropolis of Atlanta and Dekalb County.

Top image: Sibling pandas Xi Lun and Ya Lun are pictured successful this record photograph astatine Zoo Atlanta. (Heather R./Zoo Atlanta/Facebook)

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